Friday, May 13, 2016

The Trump and Sanders Camps

Bernie Sanders Beats Donald Trump By Wide Margin, Tops Ted Cruz & John ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I ask each of you to simply read the following quote, and ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the following points, without having an emotional reaction, and just count how many you agree with.

On issues such as campaign finance reform, corporate welfare, global warming, income inequality, LGBT rights, parental leave, and universal healthcare. XXXXXX has long been critical of U.S. foreign policy and was an early and outspoken opponent of the Iraq War. He is also outspoken on civil liberties and civil rights, particularly criticizing racial discrimination in the criminal justice system as well as advocating for privacy rights against mass surveillance policies such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the NSA surveillance programs.

In reading the above, I am for campaign finance reform so we do not have Ted Cruz billionaires thinking the GOP is their party. I am for stopping corporate welfare. Global warming is a fraud. I believe people should be paid their worth, as in Americans are not fired for foreign slaves. I reject LGBT. I am for parental leave, and I am for universal healthcare as long as it is not mandatory, as a way to protect people with major costs like cancer or hip replacement.

I am critical of US foreign policy, but I was for the Iraq War for security reasons as Saddam Hussein dropped West Nile into America, and did have nuclear materials.

I am for LaVoy Finicum not being murdered and for blacks to not be shot down in Chicago. I am for fair justice, and for privacy rights against this NSA spying system on all of us.

So in the above, the Christian Conservative Lame Cherry is for 11 out of 14 of the above, and Donald Trump would be for 13 out of the 14 in some way, except global warming.

The above though is not a quote about Donald Trump, and if you asked a real Conservative, not a Ted Cruz liberalized fascist, they would back the above plans too in the plus 10, as most of you reading this too.

The reason I am posting this person's views, is because otherwise all we hear from Rush cockerboy Limbaugh is "Crazy Bernie", as the above is Bernie Sanders' platform and why Vermont elects him at 71% landslides, because he is for Americans and America.

Most of Bernie Sanders is built upon not Obama feudal Marxism, or Clinton Fascism, but on the racist sounding Nordic Model, of the Northern European socialist countries which are in many ways a workers paradise, where everyone has a comfortable living, vacations, but no one really gets rich, except the few.

Men like Andres Breivik rightly challenged the threats against Europeans by these liberals out of control, but there is a great deal of good in these systems too. They are far above the Obama Marxism of the 1% ruling and the 99% suffering until they are exterminated.

Bernie Sanders was against everything from NAFTA to whatever else is destroying American workers rights. He has been in socialism advocating Workplace Democracy, where people with jobs actually have more than union rights, but a government of their own employment, so they can not be taken advantage of by the corporations.

All of this is the antithesis of Ted Cruz and Big Koch, as they shattered unions in Wisconsin, which opens the door for slave labor invasion to America, but perhaps as this is explained to you, it is why the Unions have been looking to Donald Trump in endorsing him, because Hillary Clinton is a worker's disaster, and Bernie Sanders with his democracy would undermine the union strength.

That is what I desire for the Bernie Sanders voters to think about, as Hillary Clinton pulled the Ted Cruz election theft on Senator Sanders, in that there really is not any place in the Democratic party for Sanders voters, just as the Trump voters were trying to be genocided by Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan.

In all honesty in this 21st century American Revolution, it is not a coincidence that Democrats and Republicans both raised up a Socialist from Vermont and a Conservative from New York, outside the party oligarchy, because both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are speaking to the same core issues which Americans have been assaulted over since Ronald Reagan left office.

From a Christian perspective, I can not agree with some of Mr. Sanders policies which degrade society, but that is what the ballot is for, not the courts. I can though agree with Bernie Sanders on a host of issues, because that is exactly what Ronald Reagan would be doing, and it is what Donald Trump is guided by, because these are not socialist issues, but American issues, in the exact type of Progressive which Theodore Roosevelt was about.
Theodore Roosevelt believed in workers rights, a government not sticking its nose into every aspect of our lives, but protecting workers and the public, in things like the Food and Drug Administration. That is what Bernie Sanders believes in, and that exactly what Donald Trump advocates too.

I know enough about Bernie Sanders in his radical rape stories to his being an ornery SOB, that I know he is not a cuddly man, and never has been, but Bernie Sanders believes in things like racial justice for all as Martin King, and does not just pay lip service to them as Obama and Clinton do.
He is a man as passionate as Donald Trump, and as hard case. They are a great deal alike, and a great deal equal in principles.
I was greatly amused when a female propagandist was whining at Bernie Sanders that poor Hillary Clinton has to deal with Bernie and Donald, so she was depressed, and Bernie Sanders replied, "Last time I checked Hillary Clinton was running for President. Bernie Sanders was running for President and Donald Trump is running for President, and that is what running for President is, because I have been hammered non stop and no one is worried about that!"

That is the exact kind of common sense that Donald Trump would say, and it would be met with cheers.

Honestly, one has to win to govern, and honestly the Big Koch and Big Clinton are terrified of Bernie Sanders and it is why they have smeared him so much with the crazy epitaph, but in the interests of America, I would hold my hand out to every Bernie Sanders voter and welcome them when rejected by Hillary Clinton to work with Donald Trump to implement their policies, and this will shock many people, but the reality is in winning to govern, I would appreciate if President elect Donald Trump would appoint Bernie Sanders in Mr. Sanders rise to the occasion as Patrick Moynihan and John Connally did in serving with Richard Nixon to a key cabinet position. I guarantee that Bernie Sanders as Secretary of Labor or his position at NSA that there would not be any workers railroaded when they were sick or any of this drone spying thicker than mosquitoes on us.

Bernie Sanders has been abused by the Democrat elite, and I want those voters who have been conditioned to think that Conservatives like me are Cruz Crazy in running from them, will find in real Conservatives the same ideals which they hold dear, and which they hold in Bernie Sanders.

No we are not going to agree on everything, but America is moving from the Obama dictatorship and rejecting Hillary Clinton tyranny, and it now rests in this revolution in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders will find advocacy in the Trump Administration as these are American ideals.
There is common ground in this, and if Bernie Sanders can not unseat Hillary Clinton, with his delegates, which is what I sincerely hope, as the Obama Clinton conglomerate cronies need to face epic defeat, that for the good of America, I desire a Ronald Reagan political movement born from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, called the Republican party.
We can not be bogged down now by religious litmus tests, as the fact is the Sanders voters have all the LGBT rights on the planet, with aborticide and everything else. What America needs is a sound economic policy for American prosperity, so all of these Trump and Sanders workers can enjoy the work of their hands in security.

Fix the system which is shattered by Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, with a united Trump and Sanders vision for Americans first, and then once America is secure again, let us debate the purpose of society, religion and if leftist or rightist policies are creating American genocide or progeny.

The Sanders and Trump voters are going to have to come out and deal with each other. As a Christian Conservative I want Bernie Sanders voters in the Trump Towers, celebrating victory with us, and gaining place on the common ground all of us have against the police state and for workers having a good life in America, with protections for each of us, that our lives are not going to be destroyed if we get sick or when we get old.

These are American issues, and the GOPliters and Obamacrats are counting on their propaganda to divide Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump from each other, because that revolution would take America back to the world of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Bernie Sanders as a socialist is more Republican than Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz fascism invading our lives in rewarding Wall Street and making us a religious cult.

As a Donald Trump Conservative Christian, read about Bernie Sanders and understand his policies, because we are going to have to reach out and appeal to him and his followers. They care about America as much as we do in the Trump majority. I want to build a landslide so immense with former Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush supporters with current Bernie Sanders supporters that we will vanquish this political cancer of these frauds who hijacked Reagan and made it Clinton Obama feudalism.

If you believe in a majority of the things Bernie Sanders does, then stop attacking the people we need to beat Hillary Clinton as they already are against her. Find common ground and with respect engage Sanders supporters to help them become Trump voters.

Let not any of us any more be led around by Hillary Clinton for her coronation in 2016 nor destroy ourselves for the fiction of Bush Cruz 2020, in hating each other in the Trump and Sanders camps. Let us as Americans find the majority of things we do agree on, and rid ourselves of our despots and tyrants.

- Lame Cherry

Bernie Sanders has stated that the Democratic Party nominating Hillary Clinton would be a disaster. Let the Republican Party start there in that we do agree on that.

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