Friday, May 13, 2016

The Trump Energy Expansion

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There is a coming boom in America and it is not going to be an oil boom, but it will be a Donald Trump energy boom.

The Lame Cherry is going to address this as no one else has or can. The Lame Cherry predicted the North Dakota oil bust and the resulting depression there, while Mark Levin was slobbering over the bacon oil fields which are Baaken.

I am going to explain something to you as liars Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, for their billionaires, have demanded details of Donald Trump, because Mr. Trump has been quite specific in the diverse booms which his Presidency will empower and enrich America with, and the one which I will feature here is the energy boom.

In 2008, John McCain and Sarah Palin promised nuclear and coal electrical plants in America, as America was in dire need. Obama lied to America, stating Obama would build electrical plants too, but Obama only closed down plants and wasted money on green energy of wind and solar.
The fact is America is maxed out on inefficient and uncertain wind and solar, and we need to generate power in proven ways.

When Donald Trump talks about clean coal, Donald Trump is sending you a message and the people of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Alabama, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota etc... that America is about to have an energy boom and it is in energy of a different form.

I will explain. America, will need around 50 new electrical power plants. That will mean nuclear or coal. It will take about 3 years to produce these mammoth projects in each location across America in high paying jobs for Americans in construction. We are talking about 35 to 50 dollars per hour jobs.

A coal plant means new coal mining jobs, on surface and below surface, so infusions of wealth improving that industry will be immense in upgrading. We are speaking of jobs starting at 15 dollars per hour. We are talking about new jobs in the 20 dollar range per hour in more railroad traffic
This means people building rail cars and engines which are all high paying jobs.

This means high paying jobs in which these people will be buying homes, building homes, buying all kinds of things, which will produce an economic expansion which is not going to have a boom and bust, because this is internal inside America and not about Muslim oil or Russian oil. These are going to be high paying generational jobs in that people will work them their entire lives.

For every high paying job created, it creates 7 associate jobs.

This is not some lone segment of industry, but part of a complete plan in Mr. Trump's policies bringing home finance and manufacturing jobs to Americans, which again means upgrades, new plants and another linking process.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Reagan Recovery, it was created in a fur industry base, but was government spending on military expansion. What Donald Trump is creating is instead an industry funded expansion, with an expansion of the military.

What America will experience will be a real energy boom. It will not be in oil, as oil will expand responsibly for self sufficiency of America, but it will not be allowed to consume the Trump Recovery. Take American purchases from foreign oil, American jobs not fueling Asian economies, and oil prices will continue to be repressed past when Jesus comes back.

We have the opportunity under Energy Secretary Sarah Palin to experience the Reagan deflation of the 1980's. We can expect for our electric to return to George W. Bush levels of 50 dollars per month.

This is why China is terrified of Donald Trump and why the billionaire swindlers have been such traitors in trying to overthrow the elections.

These issues are something you must be aware of, economics when administered properly is a beautiful well oiled machine which brings peace, security and leisure to all of us. That is what this is about. Donald Trump is about to start the American Combustion Engine again in all her beauty.

This is why for your safety from the next world war and for the reality of your grandchildren growing up with smiles in generous lives and not filled with tumors, that Donald Trump must be in the White House for the next 8 years.

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