Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cockerboy Limbaugh

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rush Limbaugh told every enemy of Donald Trump, as in Chicoms to Islamocommunists, Cruz boogers and Hillary Clinton trolls, how to psychologically assault Mr. Trump today, and Limbaugh's treachery stated that all you had to do was call Donald Trump a "loser".

I hope that the Limbaugh half brains do this, because honestly, I know exactly what it is which would set off Donald Trump. I am not about to aid terrorists or trolls though as this cocksucker Rush Limbaugh did, because I am not a petty pervert seeking to destroy America and cause World War IV, for Big Koch profits.

For once my children, I am not going to tell you the forensic psychology of Donald Trump, because you do not need to know it, and these evil creatures which Limbaugh goads on would only use to to elect Mrs. Clinton.

Instead, let us in this adult game, upon inquiry, ponder Rush Limbaugh, the cocksucker, leading the COCKSERVATIVE movement of the cuckservatives.
Let us wonder about a Valentine's Day when little Rusty Limbaugh was having to have his mommy find a job for him out of failed college, because little Rusty was just laying fat on the couch having mommy make sandwiches for him.
Yes that year of 22 year old Rusty in Limbaugh's own stains, not upon a Monica dress like Bill Clinton. The cocker boy Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, who somehow got caught in a Florida airport with a suitcase full of Viagra, while in the company of Hollyweird males, on junket to the Caribbean, just like Jeffrey Epstein was flying Bill Clinton down to the West Indies to have children massage him.
Cockerboy Limbaugh thinks the mic has no Cassius consequences.