Saturday, May 14, 2016

Care for the Lame Cherry to Difuse this President Elect Donald Trump?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Enter the New York GOPliters.........

Let's see, what is it like two days, since the Lame Cherry stated it was wrong for the tiara advisers to slap down Anthony Senecal and this needed to be rectified, and I was not going to put out the fires for the Trump campaign, to teach Mr. Trump a lesson, and the world is in 2 days:

  • Jeff Bezos of Amazon declaring war on Donald Trump
  • Mexico with the billionaire cartel  declaring war on Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump accused of being a nut in pretending to be his own spokesman
  • The New York Times nuking Donald Trump as a cock whipper of women

At this rate, there will be 300 infernos lit for one hurricane firestorm to Dresden Mr. Trump.

In evaluation, this might go over kill as the onslaught deadened the public, but there will be cracks, and that is all the GOPliters are after.

Interesting though their best shots are still not the schism I spoke of, that would end the Trump campaign, but that would cost 100 billion in a donation as this is the big leagues.

Now let us review what tiara advice has accomplished?

  1. Counter charges on Bezos.
  2. Mexico a growing problem.
  3. Another denial on Trump spokesman.
  4. Another denial on Trump being a cock whipper.

This is a situation where the Trump campaign is being overwhelmed without the Lame Cherry. The fine Americans in comments are holding, but it is not an issue of winning.
This is not a matter of Team Trump being incapable, or their strategist not capable. It simply is that Proverbs,

Chapter 16 verse 33

The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.

Some might of course will say this is all coincidence, because how could the Lame Cherry expressing discontent on the horrid assault on Mr. Senecal and saying it had to be fixed in private, that suddenly all of this avalanche rains down on the Trump campaign, and I said I was no longer putting out the fires to teach Mr. Trump a lesson in God made him, and God will unmake him.

Hmmm would you care to have Mr. President Elect for Lame Cherry by God's Grace to right the matrix in fixing this, or do you like learning to limp going into Cleveland.

Oh well at least all of this has scared more of the brats about the things which go on here.

Sie sollten versuchen, Heir Trump, zu, dass fast 70 Jahren in Ausdruck bringen, Tausende von Frauen, Hunderte von Unternehmen beschäftigt, dass eine Zeitung, die mich hasst und liebt Verbrecher Hillary nur wenige Frauen ohne Zeugen finden konnten, um zu versuchen und mich verschmieren. Ich weiterhin meine volle Unterstützung dieser Frauen zum Ausdruck bringen, unter Ausnutzung der von der New York Times entnommen.