Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Cruz Curse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In an earlier report here concerning the insanity of Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson in their 3rd party attempt to assist Hillary Clinton into the White House, for Ted Cruz 2020 defeat to Mrs. Clinton, the warning to Nebraska Senator, Ben Sasse that Ted Cruz was throwing Sasse under the bus, has now manifested.

Put it this way, if you put the lying Ted Cruz in a group, put paid whores like Kristol and Erickson into a group, put Big Koch money into the group, and then put a backweeds Ben Sasse into this with all his trusting you really not expect an event to occur that is not like a baby playing with razor blades?

The Conservative Pundit posted this exclusive in Nebraska Republicans met today and after Sasse spoke there, a resolution was introduced slamming down Sasse for trying to destroy the Republican Party, and it passed 400 to 8. Nebraskans are furious at Sasse and I wrote that if Sasse was up for election today, he would be defeated.

It was good that Reince Priebus finally stated the facts as the Lame Cherry reported, that is Cruz, Bush, Kristol, Erickson and Sasse carry out this #NeverTrump, it will mean the Republicans will lose both houses in Congress, because as Donald Trump goes, so will the rest of the Republican seats, down to the State houses.

So we are looking at elements led by Ted Cruz, for his foreign political ambitions to destroy Donald Trump, and Cruz and Sasse not up for election, are safe, but the rest of the Republican Senators are going to be toast, and Democrats will control the Senate and the House.

The problem in this election is not Donald Trump and never has been. The problem from the start has been these GOPliters and oligarchs in backing Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, and now in their fanaticism are not making war on Donald Trump, but the entire Republican party, in Hillary Clinton will not just be in the White House, but she will like Obama have both Houses in Congress and have several appointments to the liberal John Roberts court.

That is why Nebraska Republicans are furious. They have worked hard after the pedophile scandal there to return the GOP to power, and now Ben Sasse and Ted Cruz are going to make Nebraska scorched earth.

There are no more excuses for Ben Sasse. He is either demented or a fanatic, and does not belong in the Republican party, any more than this conspirator Ted Cruz.

If Ben Sasse keeps being Big Koch's senator and Ted Cruz's proxy, Nebraska must go through the process of election recall, and this falls to Texans over Ted Cruz, in replacing both of these pariahs, as they are both unbalanced and a complete smear on Conservatives all through America.