Saturday, May 14, 2016

Come on Cuckers Run

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Watching those cunt faced Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson trying to get some moron to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House in a 3rd party, reveals the true face of the Cuckservatives. They all want someone else to put a bullet in the brain of  the sleeping America, but are all too cowardly to do it themselves.

These ConCon's are a treacherous disgrace to America. Bill is pissing on his father Irving Kristol, the foundation of NeoCons and Erick Erickson is giving the golden shower to the memory of Ronald Reagan. There is nothing principled in any of these twat faces, as if they had any principles they would be putting their names on the ballots, because America would be so moved to vote for them in hating Donald Trump.

Let's examine the reality in that "shoots himself in both feet and his cock" Ben Sasse of Nebraska. This guy had a bright future, but going Cruz, could not even deliver Nebraska so Cruz could get back in the race. Literally Sasse and the cuckers had a site to draft Sasse, and only 600 people signed up.........and 500 of them were probably MOG's voting 100 times each.

The top names are Mark Cuban? The liberal fuck head out of Texas, who has been trying to be mini Donald all his life, like Madonna tried to be Cher. I mean these repulsive cuckers are picking the biggest bunch of losers on the planet......and that goes for Big Koch American Enterprise speeches by Sasse and that horrid General McChrystal who Obama had shooting US Soldiers in Afghanistan by putting all Soldiers at the base  of hills so terrorists could see into the fire bases and shoot Americans.

That is the kind excrement these Constitutional Conservative ConCon's are reaching out to........Murdering McChrystal and Big Koch lil Ben Sasse, who if  Sasse ran for primary today would be booted out of office.

Tom Coburn? Another liberal traitor who is so sick he is on life support.

These insane traitors are sitting around thinking they can somehow deny Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the electoral college, so it will be thrown into the House, and then these ConCon's will get someone like John Quincy Adams who America booted out in 4 years, because they did not want him.......and he later went on to cause the Civil War, so that really worked out too. But this is what these lunatics are talking about, and worse yet, there are the oligarchs listening to this treachery and would back it, if only they could find some fumbducker to be made a fool of.

Kasich, Rubio and Perry have all told them "thanks but you tards are nuts". Mitt Romney is running around Mormon goofy, in being upset Americans did not put him into 1600 Penn, so he is off his rocker obsessed that Americans want Donald Trump.
Yeah  Mitt, no one wanted your globalist traitor old man in 1964 either and they sure as hell do not want your Mexican born ass now either.

So my  challenge is, come on Bill Kristol, put your money and your name on the ballot, and add that little cucker Erickson to the ticket as this is such a sure winner, because if it is Mark Cuban or Bill Kristol, these frauds on the right, are going to get about 20 votes, and that is if they can commit vote fraud 9 times each.

....but wait, I thought the principled Ted Cruz was their darling? Where is Ted in all of this? Why is not Ted putting his name on 3rd Party? You know why, it is because Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush are running the sabotage against Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton, and like the squat assassins they are, they want someone else blamed for Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Are you listening you fucktard Ben Sasse? Ted Cruz is offering you up for political sacrifice after all you did for him.

This trash actually has found a way to make Hillary Clinton look intelligent, honest and trustworthy.

The Darwin ConCon's of politics. I am surprised this bunch does not drown in their own drool while sleeping.