Thursday, May 5, 2016

President Trump as of May 5th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord

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Personally I am offended for the Cruz boogers. No not offended by them, but offended for them, because either they were the paid MOG's who were these quasi intellectuals doing the Limbaugh talking points of "principled, only conservative Ted Cruz" with, "well those trumpsters just are fans and have not thought this out", to the Cruztards who were drained of money by Cruz, were suckered he was a Conservative and just don't trust that Donald Trump, because Lyin' Ted told them Donald Trump changed positions on issues.

Rush Limbaugh today in his finger to wind, put the last shovel of dirt on Ted Cruz, as Limbaugh was under orders to bring the Cruzlings home. This is not genuine with Limbaugh, but his Mockingbird group is not quite powerful enough to withstand a Trump Administration retaliating on them, so they are busy as cuck ups, sucking up and doing the job of convincing brainwashed Cruztards that being retarded is legitimate, but now they can put their name by Donald Trump's name and not have the ghost of Reagan appear and have them dragged off to hell.

That sort of manipulation offends me, as the Cruz voters have been lied to and were a bit paranoid to begin with, and were just Cruz shock therapy for months, to drive them mad. What was done to Cruz voters is exactly what the Ashkenaz elders do to Jews, to make them paranoid to the world, to herd them into a group to keep them under control by terrorizing them.

My one point in this is simple to Cruz voters who have been so maligned and misused. Do you want to be in the group with Rob Meathead Reiner in supporting the election of Crook Clinton? That is the company you keep and Rush Limbaugh is now being paid to brainwash you away from that. I know you are intelligent people that when presented the reality and not electro Beck torture is not shocking you daily, you will get this figured out.

Here are the facts of what President Donald Trump will do, by his executive office on day one and the first 100 days. This will not require Congress or Courts, so you understand how he is going to start making a difference for Americans.

Donald and Melania Trump are going to be Ronald and Nancy Reagan, attending elegant galas to restore the Presidency to the honor it was. George Washington set that standard and that standard will be established for people to look up to that office with dignity.

President Trump will seal the United States borders, followed by implementing building the Trump Wall in the 2 year promise which he made.

Mr. President is not going to call foreign leaders, as he is not going to be tangled up in that at the start. He is going to phone up Nabisco and Ford and inform them that 35% tariffs will follow, in American companies employ Americans.
(I would add that even though Mr. Trump did not state this, to refute those on the tariff needing Congress. that the President controls Customs. Literally President Trump could shut down every Ford and cookie coming into America, to make the point to these conglomerates.)

President Trump is going to negotiate from the Oval Office, directly with Republicans and Democrats to create legislation that Bernie Sanders voters and Donald Trump voters will support so these horrid Congress people will put America first.

President Trump at 100 days in negotiations will ban Muslim entry into America.

If necessary, I will refute all of the MOG's or minders of government who say Donald Trump is not a dictator, so on trade and immigration he needs Congress. In principle that is correct, but I have written previously of Donald Trump, through the Treasury signs the checks which run the regime. Congress appropriates and spends money, but it is the Treasury which has the money and if the Sec. of Treasury enters into a Line Check Veto or he only signs checks to pay for Trump policies, the EPA would be dead in a month, and Congress can do absolutely nothing about it......and that includes Donald Trump can stop paying Congressional salaries as the Treasury has the money, and can refuse to cash Congressional checks.

The executive basically controls the military, law enforcement and the militia. Congress controls the money, and the Judiciary the trial process. It is checks and balances. If Donald Trump does not want something funded, he can stop payment or he can stop corporations dumping their foreign produced goods in America......and in fact, Donald Trump can seize every Ford coming into America, and then auction them off to Americans just the way law enforcement does.

We have witnessed the improper use of the executive under Bush41 and 43 in trying to bribe Congress with taxes. We have witnessed the criminal dictatorship of Barack Obama. For those with memories, we experienced Ronald Reagan, firing every airport union person on strike and replacing them, again the power of checks and law enforcement at work. That is what Donald Trump as President can do, and is what is legal Presidential authority.

I hope the Lame Cherry suggestions will influence the art of the Trump deal, because Donald Trump is not bound by Congress, and only checked. He has complete authority in many areas to protect America and Americans. He can not write laws, but he certainly can enforce the laws on the books to gain the policies needed for Americans.

Put it this way, when Big Koch is nation raping Americans, funding Congress to thwart Trump policy, is it improper for the FBI and IRS to use the courts to freeze all Koch assets in a legal investigation, and to take them into custody? If these nation rapists like Buffett and Soros and all of these billionaires begin realizing that their oversea investments are no longer going to be protected by the United States, and foreign regimes figure out that the Trump Administration will not look kindly on those nations who have a Buffett conglomerate in their midst.........chances are that asset will be seized and nationalized, which sort of has investors screaming at stockholder meetings and deposing these tycoons.

There are many things a President can do legally to bring the traitors in Congress to an Americans first way of thinking, instead of Koch first.

I am still here my children advocating for all of you. I intend to reawaken the memory of what a real American President is, from the notorious Abraham Lincoln to the executive George Washington, to benefit Americans first and last, and not be neutralized by a civil service state or a Congressional and Judicial group of traitors owned by the oligarchs.

Seize a half a billion dollars of Fords out of Mexico, and hand them off to Americans and see if Americans protest for Ford or cheer over their new Trump cars.

In most instances, the threat is all it will require as Ronald Reagan turned Americans loose on Congress and brought them to heel.

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