Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald Trump For Pre Medical Screenings

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I found the above photo featured on Pirates Cove in a rant about Trump Blacklists, so do not blame me as this is what Conservatives for Cruz are posting........not that you would ever find such things here.

Any way, I have decided that Donald Trump, President Elect is providing an excellent pre screening of Americans on the Right and Left, and in Mexico, as the bellow was posted as a "article" on Right Wing News of John Hawkins by some cucker named David like that I expected a more sedate and fruity type like Limbaugh bro number 2.

Guess what Priebus? You and your ilk will be responsible for a 3rd party candidate taking a large portion of the votes. Why? The ones voting for are the REAL conservatives, the REAL republicans that should have been represented first in your damn party. Instead you, Boehner, McConnell, TRUMP (the liberal) and all the other phony conservatives abused your power only to succumb to the wishes of Obama and the left.
You all hate true conservatism

Yes, and as long as it was John McCain, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, doing all those Obama things, and Ted Cruz being like foreign birthed Obama and Jeb Bush saying we had to be all like Obama, none of this mattered........but as this is about medicine we return to Chad Everett.

So I figure these Cruz boogers in their ConCon (that is cucker litmus groups for the mythical Constitutional Conservative which has suddenly become a sex like Obama transexuals invading girly bathrooms), these ConCons must be running by Ted and Heidi Cruz e voter condition about 500 over 300 in blood pressure. That kind of hypertension should expose all the aneurysms and whatever else will cause a heart to explode into a fine mist.

That is a good thing really, as it will get rid of these cucks, it will mean women will not have to give out any more fake phone numbers to get rid of them and little boys will not have to pretend they are thrilled throwing the ball around with Uncle Cuck.
Only drawback is these ConCon's will probably explode into a fine mist when they Trump Blow, and I really do not want to be covered in Matt Walsh fluids no more than his wife does.

I will wager that these Cuckers blood pressure goes up more over Donald Trump than it does for an American girl in a pair of Daisy Dukes

Nuff Said


Oh here is the Pirate Cove post which was made about  Trump Black Lists.

Mr. Teach, what you are saying is then, that you should give your bank accounts to a Hillary Clinton voter, your power of attorney to a Bernie Sanders voter, and trust them to look out for your interests, otherwise you are showing authoritarian rule, in not trusting people who have repeatedly shown they will rob you and destroy you.
It is naive for you to equate that Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush interests in looking out for 2020 for their candidates to defeat Donald Trump, should be allowed anywhere near the 2016 inner workings.