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Reince Priebus Says Trump Agrees With GOP Platform on ‘Vast Majority ...

Kasich joins Cruz, Rubio in keeping delegates as campaign leverage

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been thinking about correcting the story concerning Donald Trump and the 6 million dollars which Mr. Trump raised for Veterans, instead of being skewered by whatever fraud debate Megyn Kelly was behind again, in promoting Ted Cruz in that cult, and now is the time, as the Trump Campaign is being kind to what actually took place.

The Washington Post has been leading the hit pieces on this, with the Hillary Clinton campaign lining up a handful of disgruntled Veterans to make a public issue outside of Trump Towers........which of course was denied, lied about and covered up at first by these Veterans and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

So with the WashPo leading this, we know this is the GOPliters feeding this story and information. Now ask yourself how do they know what is taking place with these donations, unless they have been talking to the donors?

For the record on this, in order to manage these donations, the money went through the Trump Foundation, as that is proper, as they had the facilities to deal with this kind of major money pool.

Mr. Trump gave 1 million dollars. He has been giving checks of 50 to 100 thousands to Veterans groups since this time, which is a huge sum of money to help various Veteran's groups.

Now for the common sense in pointing out what exactly happened in this case:

However, The Washington Post recently reported that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says the fundraiser only raised $4.5 million. Lewandowski told The Post this discrepancy comes from large donors pledging to write big checks, but then backing out. He would not name the donors.
The Post also reported it has been able to account for just $3.1 million given to veterans groups. Post reporter David Fahrenthold also questioned the whereabouts of the $1 million Trump claimed to have put up of his own money.

OK so the wealthy agreed to donate 6 million dollars and 4.5 million is said to have been "raised". That means the wealthy are still not writing those checks out which they promised to Mr. Trump and the Veterans.
If you run this back in the WashPo is not lying, it means that perhaps 3.1 million not accounted for, might mean that only 1.2 million actually was cash on hand.
We know Mr. Trump donated 1 million, so this appears to be a case of only 200,000 actually has appeared in hard cash.

So it is the  Donald Trump 1 million which has been divided up in these 50 and 100 thousand dollar checks, which these ungrateful organizations are smearing Mr. Trump over.

Now back engineer this in we have a bunch of billionaires and elite, who were doing all they could in playing both sides of the fence to destroy Donald Trump for Ted Cruz or whoever. Ask yourself what better scheme could there be than for these billionaires to back out in not paying what they pledged, and  then the GOPliters being fed this information, creates the WashPo smear, coordinated with Hillary Clinton's campaign in using these Veterans outside of Trump Tower.

Does this start to make a bit more sense now? Do you get why Donald Trump is upset over this set up, and why he is not going public in outing all of these rich frauds who claimed to be on his side, but it appears they have been colluding in the same Ted Cruz way to install Hillary Clinton in 2016?

I am going to state this plainly. Everything about this is a conspiracy, a racket, it is a criminal enterprise to smear Donald Trump and to defraud Veterans, and we know this is now coordinated in the GOPliters as in Reinse Priebus, Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Washington Post with the hosts of Media MOG's (minders in government) to make an issue of this.

I repeat, this is criminal, and those behind this conspiracy, belong indicted by Attorney General Chris Christie, with those political operatives from Hillary Clinton to Ted Cruz, and the media outlets like Washington Post and Jeff Bezos, as this is the reality.

Donald Trump will not for decorum's sake out these criminal frauds, but after you examine the above evidence in connecting the dots, you have arrived at the same conclusion, that this is another dirty trick like the New York Times hit piece on Mr. Trump concerning women.

Indict the criminals involved in this SMEARGATE against Donald Trump.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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