Tuesday, May 31, 2016

David French follows the Amerikon Psycho into the Abyss


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am in quandary, as last evening inquiry was uncertain and is still pointing that Bill Kristol's choice for 3rd party was a PBS anchor who was a democrat. The oddity of David French being "confirmed" by Bill Kristol as the unconfirmed pick is another plank of the Geist Ficken, or Mind Fuck.

If one observes Bill Kristol, he is in a construct where he deems himself as the most brilliant man on the planet, playing out on the big boys board with Presidents. See Bill Kristol is a psychopathy, which attaches itself to Presidents, and consoles itself that it is really the mind of Ronald Reagan, manipulating the parts, so Bill Kristol really is Reagan, who all of you adored.

View the evidence of the Kristol mind on display at Twitter.

May 30
I hope my mention of an independent candidate didn't distract him while paying respects during whichever Memorial Day ceremony he attended.

Bill Kristol Retweeted Donald J. Trump
I hope 's nervousness about an independent candidacy doesn't affect his composure.

Bill Kristol has deluded himself to his importance. His wet erection in his pants is turned on convincing himself that Donald Trump is distracted by Kristol. As one can assess, Kristol is gleeful at the thought of war dead, and their families, are unimportant as long as Donald Trump is thinking about Bill Kristol disrupting the service.
Kristol has constructed a false read that Donald Trump is "nervous" over what Kristol is engaged in which is psychological torture.

I desire each of you to understand this. Bill Kristol is akin to a sadistic child, picking the wings off of flies as other children watch on in horror.

If you ever viewed, Christian Bale as American Psycho, that appears the type of delusional construct in Bill Kristol Amerikon Psycho.

10h10 hours ago
I gather Donald Trump said I'm a loser. I've won some and I've lost some, but one thing I've always tried not to be is a roaring jackass.

Kristol for being the son of old communist Irving Kristol, enjoys the fiction that he is an intellectual. The above though is an unintelligent admission, as he admits he is a lesser man than Donald Trump, in Kristol is a loser in not matching up to Donald Trump, and then Kristol strangely resorts to "roaring jackass" instead of "braying jackass" which is the correct assessment.

 French himself was until a week ago pushing Romney to run.

So this is the David French, the ConCon's are supposed to follow into the valley of the shadows. A bald old man, who is so in need of validation he puts a big mirage on his page to hide behind how small he is.

David French chooses to follow the Amerikon Psycho in the abyss. This is pathological in what has been triggered inside Mr. French.

Seriously the PBS skirt democrat would have been a better choice.

This is not about destroying Donald Trump. This is about destroying the Cruz remnant.

Seriously, the disgruntled #NeverTrump are suppose to lemming off the edge for a doped up sodomite backer in Johnson / Weld or a guy with small maleness who has to put big foreign jets on his page to make up for inadequacies.

No one would take this serious, any more than Erick Erickson lying to the Cruz boogers in tormenting them that they have the votes to nominate Cruz on first ballot.  I will repeat, this is about so geist ficken this hijacked Cruz faction they will need straight jackets.

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