Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Organized Racial Hatred Against Donald Trump

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The White Nigger racism created and employed in America is profound, for the anti German smears involved, as the new terms are "STORMTRUMPERS" and the "ALT REICH".

Think of this in this way, would it be offensive if this was "JUNGLEBAMAS" or "CLINTONKIKES" being racial hatred against Negroes and Jewish supporters of Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. As that is repulsive, then why is it acceptable to degrade Germans as the lowest form of primate, and link it to Americans, whose crime is being Nationalists, seeking to protect the very nation which George Washington founded?

This the genesis of hate against Americans, Germans and Donald Trump.

Urban Dictionary: Stormtrumper
Urban Dictionary
Sep 12, 2015 - Stormtrumper. NIckname for Donald trump supporters coined by Berkley Breathed of "Bloom County" fame in his revived comic strip "Bloom County 2015" on ...
Mar 27, 2016 - StormTrumpers have shown they are none too interested in stemming the flow of misogynistic rhetoric from Herr Drumpf, and apparently the Drumpf has ...

Most of these racial slurs against Whites appeared at the same time around September 1st, 2015. Others can be tracked to the same deliberate sources. Alt Reich, which is another racial slur against Germans and degrades a legitimate German period of history, appeared here.

Transforming the Alt Right Into the Alt Reich | Renegade Tribune
Jan 5, 2016 - I have been doing my best to expose the Alt Right's agenda to: normalize homosexuality, alienate women, shill for Trump and Putin, move away from “Holocaust ...

This is the reality of the Altreich which means Old Empire in Germany.

Altreich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aug 20, 2015 - Altreich or Altes Reich ("Old Empire") is a German term that may refer to: A synonym for the medieval Kingdom of Germany in prior German historiography, i.e. ...

No people should be signaled out as a derogatory litmus test to smear all peoples, whether it is the Nigger of old or the new White Nigger, which is smearing Germans. Keeping silent on these reprehensible acts is as horrid as conducting them. To not be aware that racially smearing White Americans with White Germans is beyond excuse.
There is nothing amusing in any of this, and there is one law for all. When it is repulsive to term Barack Obama as a Nigger eating watermelon, it is as repulsive to term Donald Trump a National Socialist, which is absolutely without connection.

All of this requires names taken, and prosecutions to follow, as this does include International Crimes Against Humanity, and that is what all of this is.

Degrade the Germans in 1930 and genocide them in 1940. Degrade the Americans in 2016 and by 2020 White Genocide is as public law as transvestites raping children in public bathrooms.

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