Thursday, May 19, 2016

EgyptAir flight MS804

In Booming Gulf, Some Arab Women Find Freedom in the Skies - NYTimes ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I have no interest in this Egyptian flight being brought down, I only do so as it creates buzz and buzz is hopefully going to get the big donation, as saving Donald Trump certainly has not.
I do not mean to be unkind as I do appreciate those who have donated and I was just praying for you in God's blessings.

As for the non donors, GET OFF THE LAME CHERRY and be in your curse and ignorance of what information is revealed here.

The matrix is saying that this was a bomb which brought down the Airbus. It points to dynamite of all things, in the area above first class, in the space there.

Inquiry points to this explosive originated from Oy Focit AB, of Finland.

I am getting Muslim rattled too, but the European who detonated this was on board. Indicates was cell phone activated and called the bomb while in flight. Scopalamine induced.

This is more of that Obama Big Jew breaking of Egypt, as that is what this is, undeclared war on Egypt by tourism, as the Egyptians have been off the image's reservation. Been going on some time, since Benghazi in the Egyptians blackmailed the Obama regime of hundreds of millions of dollars in things.

If I could think of something more I .......oh yeah I will ask this.

I have no idea the flight history of this jet, but inquiry states the bomb was preloaded in Germany,  and the individual of interest who did this was a Swedish Muslim.......was a Muslim who detonated.
Says bomb was on plane for 10 days.

About regime change, putting a Jewish asset in charge of Cairo.

That should be about enough of this........this is Obama DC and that little bit of land west of the west bank behind this the matrix is pointing to.  A great deal of effort was involved to cover the tracks in the time this bomb was in place. Makes sense as some nations just do no appreciate Club Med entres of human remains and that my children is why you pop one off over the ocean. She was programmed for when she looked out her window, and saw the sea, it was time to speed dial 1.

Yes I said she.

It's ok, they are all good Muslims now.