Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why does it take evil so long to Die

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was recalling the "Green Queens" of Walter Cronkite of the CIA funded CBS in New York. The Green Queens were .....well a bunch of Soviet adoring reporters who were stationed in Vietnam. Some of them you might still remember the names of Dan Rather, Marvin Kalb and Morley Safer.

Safer was the most revolting as he reminded one of a pedophile dwarf from a creepy snuff film.

Now though this mutli millionaire is dead. Dead with those millions in CIA Mockingbird funds left to his family, sad or not, as Americans are dead broke and about to be genocided by the world that Safer created in tearing down America, Christianity and Patriotism.

I do not know why it takes such a long time for evil to die, but I do know that CBS or any of the other CIA propagandists never got killed in Vietnam, while a host of other good reporters assumed the position.

List of journalists killed and missing in the Vietnam War ...

List of journalists killed and missing in the Vietnam War. This article is a partial list of journalists killed and missing during ... CBS News: Cambodian Campaign:

When I look at the world of what Safer spawned from Michelle Fields in her police report journalism, to Kate Pavlich in her police report journalism, Julia Ioffe police report journalism and cucker Matt Walsh as the Whore of Beck Babelism waving around shotguns, one is disgusted with the Megyn Kelly leg spreaders to whatever the New York Times is throwing against the wall today against Donald Trump.

My favorite line about reporters, is from Mark Twain, and he should know as he was a reporter. Twain said reporters were all drunks and liars. General Sherman called them all spies and cowards.
If the above is off, too bad, as it all degrades to the point that they are the scum of the earth, led by Mark Halperin and whatever is scraped off of Limbaugh's shoes to suck on the microphone for 3 hours as a qualified black host in Beau Snerdly never gets near the mic.

There is no shame in being a reporter, a pundit or a commentator. They are all nation destroyers in the image of satan.

So I am pleased the Morley Safer is one of the last Cronkite Queens to face Jesus in judgment. The filth and excrement they were, never came out, but they could ask Bernie Madoff's wife how she could be so stupid in not know Bernie was a crook.......yeah like hosts of rich liberals never asked that either as they took the money.

I think of all the people who have been murdered and genocided because of Morley Safer and this bunch. How their Obama scorched earth and if Donald Trump can not pull the world out of the fire with Vladimir Putin, this is going to nuclear scorched earth in the not to distant future.

Every night the KGB reviewed every Safer montage, for US tactics and helped promote low American morale. I would not want to sully Moscow, but how about dumping his body in Pyongyang, as that is the perfect epitaph to Morley Safer.

... - Personal Award: Morley Safer Personal Award for Television News