Thursday, May 19, 2016

Glenn Beck vouches for Mark Zuckerberg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now I know why social media rapist, Mark Zuckerberg invited Glenn Beck to explain how the Facebook holocaust of Conservatives was all a misunderstanding, in it was just a leaky zyklon gas valve on a super computer which genocided  all Conservatives profiles like the Lame Cherry and blitzed all other ad media  which was not owned by Zuckerberg.

With that settled Ted Cruz's favorite media advocate, Glenn Beck, like Jimmy Carter in 1979 AD in the year of our Lord, came down from Facebook Mountain and announced IT WAS ALL OUR FAULT, because MOG Zuckerberg is just misunderstood........and we should be so proud that comrade Zuckerberg is in charge of meetings in directing things like Tehran or Pyongyang.

Yes Glenn Beck accused Dana Perino and these other MOG's that this was a Salem Witch Burning in they were such whiners and complainers of MOG Zuckerberg, and should just thank the Z for sending them to exile in gulagland, because Zuckerberg.........well he is just misunderstood in promoting pedophiles, sodomy, terrorism, American genocide and.......all the the things Stalin and the wait, the Soviets and the Nazis actually do not promote pedophilia like Zuckerberg.

With that all settled, we now know it is all our fault, Mark Zuckerberg is misunderstood and Glenn Beck has now vouched for Ted Cruz and Mark Zuckerberg.........

Lucifer in the Flesh............Satan Incarnate........I guess next week Glenn Beck will be in hell vouching for the devil itself.

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