Monday, May 16, 2016

Facebook Defines Conservative Media

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is always interesting to see how the Obama NSA categorizes it's Mockingbird fledglings of "conservative" media when Big Bro Mark Zuckerberg convenes a meeting to say, "I am not a crook who should be hung by the neck until it rots from the stump".

What gathered was the Trump hating racists, in Bush marm Dana Perino, Big Mormon Glenn Beck and therefore Big Pope in Matt Walsh in the undertow, Arthur Brooks of American Enterprise Big Koch, another Big Mormon in Zac Moffatt, and that SE Cupp of CNN..........basically your basic MOG's whose ratings are tanking and no one listens to.

I personally find this all oligarch disgusting. Big Bro summons the chimps and it is like ringing the banana bell and here they come. The issue in this is not these frauds but blogs like the Lame Cherry which absolutely was terrorized by Mark Zuckerberg in banning my account and posts, even with triplicate proof I am Lame Cherry.
That is the issue in there are thousands of people around the world whose rights have been destroyed by Mark Zuckerberg while pedophiles and Muslim terrorists enjoy free reign.

Personally, I would have told Mark Zuckerberg to piss off, because the next time he saw me I would be rolling up an Abrams tank in the Donald Trump Administration and marching him off to a Chinese deportation camp in the South China Sea.

What Mark Zuckerberg engages in is monopoly media. It is illegal in standards and practices, meaning Zuckeberg is taking media which has FCC control and Court control as in the Washington Post and is censoring that media outlet for other outlets he promotes.
No the internet does not have such regulations and should not, but when Zuckerberg presents a propaganda in not alerting the public it is being manipulated, then it is no different than Tehran or Pyongyang.

All Facebook is accomplishing is inviting a like group of frauds to pretend that all is kosher in the world, when this is nothing but an intelligence operation criminal enterprise.

Let us just try and ignore visions of mam boobs Zuckerberg and fat boy Beck, with Dana Perino looking Hillary old tries to decide who to give a lap dance to.

Nothing creepy at all in Cuckerville with Beck and Zuckerberg.

Who should have been invited:

Alex Jones

Jeff Rense

Gordon Duff

John B. Wells

Now that would have been an interesting conference.

Glenn Beck to meet Mark Zuckerberg, fears government take-over of ...

Such a waste of lips on Tim Robbins cock and Bernie Sanders box.