Friday, May 20, 2016

Ode To Bernie Sanders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved to write of the voters for Bernie Sanders, because the MSM of Clinton mock them in wanting all the free things Bernie Sanders has been offering them, like free college. The real question is why any sound person would not want something free, because you would be a fool to not want a free education.

For the Sanders voters though it is more than that. It is the reality of the great Barack Obama give away. You remember this was based on the great programs of various regimes, who have been promising GI loans............yes LOANS to keep Soldiers from revolting and overthrowing the scoundrels at DC........and how it all turned an education where Ronald Reagan could get a college degree by washing dishes in his dormitory in work equity, so there was no debt and Mr. Reagan could begin his sportscaster career in radio.

Now in the Obama world, we have all of these Obama promises. You remember that poor little mother from Minnesota that Obama and the Mrs. put on display, in her life had fallen apart, so they helped her in making her a nurse with a school loan, and then put her into a nice home with another loan.
You remember that poor girl, bawling at the State of the Union, as you would be bawling too, if you had over 100,000 dollars in loans, working 30 hours a week, kids to spend money on, and looking at 50 years of payments, which at age 25, means you will be dead 5 years before your debts are paid off in a lifetime of Obama slavery.

That is what our fine democrats and republicans have constructed for all of us. The financiers own us, from credit cards, school loans, housing loans, Obamacare fines and high energy costs, as the politicians they own promise us the moon, and all we are is Niggers on the slave plantation.

So I can understand Bernie Sanders appeal. He is promising free things, so people can have their lives back, as Rush cockerboy Limbaugh bitches about all of them eating and how stupid they are for voting for Hillary Clinton, after George W. Bush let Teddy Kennedy write the education law making America worse.

There are trillions in dollars now in school loans, for educations of no value, as there are no Obama jobs, unless of course you are an ACORN employee and got one of the 2 million Obama created jobs......otherwise it is a matter that Trump and Sanders voters have figured out that this system is not working, as you get a degree to be in debt the rest of your life until you rest in peace.

The thing as a Trump voter I would like for Bernie voters to think about is, when Bernie gives you a free education, what is the value of it?

I went to high school like all of you, and on my graduation I was on stage with mental retards who received the same diploma I did. It was part of making retards feel good, when they are grinning like idiots not knowing anything to begin with, as that is what retarded means in you are not aware of how not intelligent you are, so what good was my diploma for an employer when someone who was not qualified to drive a car, get into college or whatever, has the same diploma I had.

Think about it, in if everyone gets a free college degree, what is that going to do to your degree? It is not just Affirmative Action minorities, who can not add 2 and 2, but now it will be everyone, and not just Obama and Cruz at Harvard diluting the value of diplomas.

Now where does money come from to pay for these Bernie Sanders educations? It has to come from some place as 50,000 dollar a year Harvard law just does not come for free. It comes from taxes or debt borrowing, which makes your salaries cheap by inflation as all that money in the system robs Peter to pay Paul.

If you want to look at Bernie Sanders education, you just have to look at Pyongyang or the ash pile of the Soviet Union. Everyone got everything in the Sanders communist state, and it was not just the rich, who can afford to be in college now and afford to go to Bernie rallies. Everyone got a free education, of course Chelsea Clinton and George Bush get in ahead of others, but it is the same system of stagnation, when nations where people worked for things and were rewarded like Japan, Germany and America produced trillion dollar economies.

It is a dilemma for Bernie Sanders voters, in their teachers have lied to them, their parents are ignorant, and their politicians have manipulated them, because those conglomerates who own the politicians, have a vested interest in enslaving them so every month they are sucked dry by wifi, cell phones, car payments, school payments, house payments, kids with designer shoe payments, and that is why Bernie voters are in a dilemma. They have been lied to like Ted Cruz voters were, and they simply do not understand that Bernie Sanders equality means all of their sophisticated worlds now have a mandate of their not just having Designer Negroes as token friends, but all of them are now the same mob with a worthless life like being in downtown Tehran.

Is there a better system? Yes there is, and it is the American system which has been destroyed since Ronald Reagan and it is what Donald Trump is promising to bring back. It is a system where American produces its own energy, which drives down the prices of energy across the nation, for everyone, which means that money is in each person's pocket, instead of the select few.
It is a system where 29 million green card foreigners are not in the job market driving down salaries by 20%.

It is an amazing thing with clean coal and frac oil and gas, in how deflation sets in, and without foreigners driving down wages, that companies have to pay more to Americans due to lack of people to fill jobs, and instead of on energy costs driving everything up, that 20% more goes into your salary, and instead of that money going to a Goldman Sachs boardroom billionaire of 1, it is instead going to a few hundred people who are buying things and paying things off in a few years, instead of a lifetime.

I would really like it if the world was a place where Bernie Sanders has everyone equal, the problem is that with everyone equal, not everyone has nice mansions, iphones,  cars, vacations and trust every one is downgraded like every shit hole from sea to shining sea.
That is the world of Hillary Clinton and it is the world of Bush fam, and Ted Cruz with Obama are the first fruits of these sub par educational graduates.

We know what does work and what does not work. Bernie Sanders does not work, nor does Hillary, Obama or Bush fam, unless of course you are the slave masters.

Donald Trump is the antidote to what ails America and the world. I can not blame Sanders voters for throwing the Obama, Clinton, Bush fam plans to the side of the road and not being educated, and only indoctrinated, are focused upon the easy sounding solutions of Bernie Sanders, which history has proven only destroys everything the people already have.