Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Police State On Sanders Voters

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Mayhem erupted in Las Vegas, Nevada as Democrats got an early glimpse of what "Life in the Clinton" gulag would be, as Hillary Clinton called out the police state to muscle Bernie Sanders voters from their voices being heard.

In what was truly bizarre, two liberal women, Barbara Boxer of California and the squatter Hillary Clinton of New York, sometimes Arkansas and never Pennsylvania, were behind sending in the attack dogs against Sanders voters.

In an odd twist on the very day, Nebraskans threw off Ted Cruz's election theft at their convention in voting 400 to 8 to condemn Ted Sasse's machinations for Cruz, but Cruz not being powerful enough in Nebraska could not call out the pedophile police state there to gun down the sodbusters of Nebraska.
The people of Nevada were not that fortunate as old Harry Reid, being exhausted by attacks on Donald Trump concerning women, instead let two foreign women, ravage and savage his Nevada delegation with martial force.

BOOS were heard running through the majority of the crowd who just had their Sanders majority wiped out, and in Clinton math, Hillary Clinton stole another one from Bernie Sanders.
When Democratic voters demanded a recount, they were told to vacate the building faster than Elvis or Las Vegas police would cuff them, stuff them and stick them where the sun don't shine.

It was chilling to witness this reaction by Hillary Clinton, mirroring the gun down in Venezuela which was another utopia which the Obama Clinton regime propped up to disaster, on the same day. The police state unleashed in the Americas, and Hillary Clinton called out the troops in America first to steal an election.

And this after those caring Witches for Bernie, burned blasphemous incantations for Bernie to "feel the Bern" and have now been outed that their goddess of nature, is no match for Hillary Clinton's natural dictatorship nature.

Nevada is in complete Clinton upheaval in that Sanders supporters have had to file lawsuits, because Hillary Clinton will not let them run for public office.

In the ultimate display of weirdness, in what promises to be the coming democratic dream ticket of Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer, the last words of the convention theft were:

“Boo all you want. Boo louder. Because you’re booing Bernie Sanders and you’re booing this country,” said California Sen. Barbara Boxer, a surrogate for Clinton.

Yes in the Clinton democratic party if you boo her, you are really booing Bernie Sanders and booing America.

There were no photos of Boxer performing her own Obama rites over the crowd to curse them though.

Is Hillary Clinton related to Barbara Boxer by marriage?

Yes, by marriage, Boxer and Clinton are related by marriage. Her daughter is married to Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother.

All in the family or cult.

........and the worst part about this is, that after the police state terrorized the Sanders voters, and medics were siren blaring called in, Bernie Sanders was not protecting his people, like Jewish communist elders in Moscow letting Stalin murder the Jewish masses, as long as it did not interfere with their orange marmalade payoffs.

Bernie Sanders would not protect his voters, Harry Reid would not protect the Sanders voters, as the liberal Red Square Comrades of Clinton and Boxer savaged them. The Sanders voters will all end up like LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy. Thee only safety they have is in Donald Trump as President.

In the GOP, Donald trump runs out Stalinists like Ted Cruz and in Nebraska, the Republicans vote out their dictators like Ben Sasse, and the police state is not called out against them.

More of this is coming Sander's voters. Get used to it, as your placards and iphones are no match for Clinton's spiked heels dipped in your blood.

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