Sunday, May 15, 2016

White Paper: Donald Trump's Energies

 The Obama Regime's New Mississippi River To Protect As A Waterway

*Editor's Note: This is so important this is a stand alone post, and I doubt if most of you will comprehend it, until you are starving, in the dark, and rubbing candle tallow on your sorry genitals from Muslim and Jesuit Rape Cock.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is the continuing "guts" of what it is for a President to Govern, in order to be an effective leader, as being President is more than glad handing Paul Ryan or taking 100 million dollars from Sheldon Adelson for Americans to die in more Jewish commerce programs in the Mideast.

President Trump is going to have to deal with the Interior Department which is murdering Americans in large predators, murdering Americans by BLM in LaVoy Finicum for Hillary Clinton and is stealing American land by re-zoning hundreds of millions of acres.

As, President Elect Trump has not even mentioned any of this in his clean coal of West Virginian and the coming North Dakota vote, it falls to the Lame Cherry to educate all on this issue as this is what the Obama regime has been doing, exactly as the Clinton regime for an Indonesian bribe shut off all of the hard coal reserves in Utah in the mid 1990's which have been driving up energy prices every since.

So you understand this, as Mr. Trump rails against anti trust in Jeff Bezos of Amazon, I personally wonder where his insight is to Obama's nation rapist Warren Buffett's monopoly on the United States railroads, and that 200 mile long coal vein in Wyoming which is the only coal supply in America, run by Obama cronies who drove up coal prices, and bankrupted all other assets.
This actually hits home for my house, as TL's dad invested part of TL's Grandmother's inheritance into a small stock holding in an eastern coal interest almost a decade ago when the old gal died. It was only 5000 dollars, which is a great deal of money for us, but when Obama destroyed the clean coal interests in America, that company went bankrupt. I think TL mentioned the last time TL got a notice on those stocks they were worth 6 not 6 cents a share, but 6 cents total.
That is what has been going on in America, in the looting of mineral resources for Hillary Clinton and the destroying of family savings by the Obama regime.

I really hope that President elect Trump is listening to this, as he seems to have no experts on any of these subjects, which are the Milton Friedman economic base to accomplish everything he is setting out to do, and that is end the debt, create jobs, and save America. That ALL starts in energy and American energy interest are being stolen from her, and without cheap energy, Donald Trump is not going to accomplish a thing.

Now for what the Obama Interior is up to.

Obama has been making war on the people of West Virginia and announced 4 mandates which the regime was giving 90 days to make public comment on, and not at least a year. Senator John Hoven, literally had to in Congress connect Interior funding to the Under Secretary going to North Dakota to view the problem these heinous Obama policies are going to become as the law of the land.

First in this is the three part, "Rivers Mandate".

Part one cites that all coal mining in America, must not interfere with waterways. There are not distinction in what is a waterway, no more than a wetland.

A waterway is defined as:

1. A stream
2. A dry gulch
3. A spring seep.

In actuality, the Obama regime Interior is classifying everything that has some kind of water in it, in the past 1000 years as a river like the Mississippi, and no coal mining company can interfere with that drainage. Put it this way in terms most of you can comprehend. Say you had a mine on your property and were mining coal, and you had rights to the neighbor's across the street. Your mine would permanently end at the curb, because water sometimes runs there during a snow melt or a heavy rain and is a "river" according to the Obama regime.

Literally with this one regulation, it is taking 1/2 of American coal on private property and dictating it is off limits forever.
In states like North Dakota, the Government there simply tells the company if it is a seep to dig a stock dam to replace it, or they pipe in rural water, making the manmade supply better than the original.
As for the dry gulches, the land is simply reconditioned to what it was, after the coal is mined, and it returns to only having water in it when Noah gets on the boat.

The Second part is a singular mandate, and it has to do with the bread you eat.

In this part, the Obama Interior mandates that ALL land once it has been mined for coal, can only be returned to farming IF IT IS PRIME agricultural land. Otherwise it is dictated it will be returned to grassland.

For those who think that is a good idea, most American land is not prime agricultural land. There is nothing in America which compares to the 6 foot deep Amazon River flood plain of loam. Most American land which raises wheat in the West is not the best land, but it produces wheat for your bread, and wheat is a grass,  but the Obama regime is saying landowners can no longer farm their land, and will have to raise grass, just not grass that produces grain for humans to eat.

Do you understand in this, that someone is like with LaVoy Finicum, cutting off American food supply, American water supply, and American mineral wealth, because that is exactly what is taking place and why Malheur Refuge mattered, because now it is happening nationally by Obama Clinton Interior Mandate. This is by design, and one of the larger Obama regime crimes, but President Elect Donald Trump does not have one advisor on this, and apparently Sarah Palin has no idea any of this is taking place.

This is the bedrock of Thomas Jefferson America, in literally 90 days, Americans who own land, are going to be told if they can farm their property or not, if they can grow wheat grass or cow grass, and if they attempt to violate those laws on their own property, they will be fined and their lands confiscated.

Any of this sound like America in you can no longer mine your own minerals and you can not plant whatever in the hell you want on your own land?

Donald Trump has the Wall, which is a major project, as are protecting American jobs, but he desperately needs an energy, wildlife and agriculture expert, who understands this globalist war on Americans, using energy, food, water and terror predators against Americans. This is something Donald Trump jr. really needs to find someone to run rough shod over this, or his father's Presidency is going to go down in disaster.

This is the White Paper on Donald Trump Energies, as exclusively explained by the Lame Cherry again in matter anti matter. The Obama regime as only this blog has covered, has been setting up executive orders and mandates of one size dictates to all, when there is absolutely nothing in common with West Virginia mountain top strip mining and North Dakota open plain mining.

Again, respectfully Mr. Trump, glad handing Paul Ryan who signs off on all Obama and taking 100 million dollars from Big Jew is not the entire focus in this governing is not glamorous, but it is the guts of an Administration and if the right people are not in it, nothing you will ever do will amount to shit.

It is fine you have Chris Christie and Ben Carson vetting your Vice President list, and it is fine the GOPliter and Big Jew outreach, but you have an Obama regime cutting you off at the knees for all of your policies in these mandates, and you have got to get someone who knows what has been done, and has the ability to quietly go in and scorch earth these minders out of the civil service, and have the authority to drop Justice on their oligarchs.............and actually CARE about this as an issue to mould it from top to bottom for Americans again, so they get their rights, their lands and their lives back.

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