Friday, May 20, 2016

The Halal of Genocide on Americans and Europeans.

... media frames this — it is what it is, an Islamic invasion of Europe

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In 1875 AD, Colonel Richard Irving Dodge was sent on a follow up military expedition to the Blacks Hills of Dakota Territory. I include in this a reality of human nature, and it is a reality which is going to visit America and Europe, with every Muslim and Jesuit invader to these Christian lands.

Each newly-arrived individual {whether novice or 
old miner) has a feverish hope, almost an expectation, 
that he will be the fortunate finder of a " pot-hole " 
which will make his fortune in a day or two, and he 
works with a force and determination which deserves 
a better fate than it usually meets. After a few days 
his muscles tire, his energetic will relaxes, and, if dis- 
appointed, as he generally is, the average miner is 
content thenceforward to sit by and see some new- 
comer open his claim. 

After it had been fairly demonstrated that pan 
mining in the Hills would net pay, there were, on 
French and Spring Creeks, last summer at least ten 
idlers for every working man. 

With the persons who come really to mine, come 
also whisky-sellers, professional gamblers, and all 
those who live on the vices and passions of mankind. 
The idlers soon get to drinking and gambling. Some 
lose all their money. Ruined.wretched, and reck- 


less, these organize into bands, which roam about the 
country, "jumping" the claims of persons who are 
defenseless, and are supposed to have a few dollars to 
pay for immunity. 

Disappointment, idleness, and want, well armed 
and desperate, stalk through the land, stealing when 
opportunity serves, or taking, where they can do so 
with impunity. 

All this was seen in the Black Hills last summer, 
and that murder was not added, was only because the 
miners were sent out o£ the country before many of 
the panderers to vice had arrived. 
When the promise western dreams, becomes the nightmare of the reality of these 3rd world souls, they will revert to what they are, a non working, violent vermin, predatory class.

First they come for the vaginas to rape, and next they will perform the halal of genocide on Americans and Europeans.

The man who warned you of all of this and took action, the Norwegians threw in jail, as the Norwegians pay and protect Muslim rape cock against their women and children.

Anders Breivik gives Nazi salute on return to court as he sues Norway ...

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