Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Roaches, and Gawkers and Penis Sizes, Oh My!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if you have been following the penis size of Hulk Hogan in the Gawker neither, but I was wondering about something which did appear in a news story which was of a bit of intrigue.

It seems rumors have it, that there is a mysterious Silicon Valley billionaire who has been funding all of these hit suits against Gawker. Nick Denton the owner started to believe it as the evidence piled up. The evidence starting with in the Hogan case of the plaintiff withdrew one of the motions, which allowed an insurance company to pay the fine. That would make no sense, unless someone had taken something personal and wanted to bleed Gawker.
Frankly my advice is, do not take naked pictures of yourself or movies, because they will appear one day to your chagrin and embarrassment, so it is ludicrous to not expect them to end up in public when you are a pubic figure.

I decided to inquire about this to see what the matrix would say, and I went down a list of the Silicon Valley billionaires, as that is what Mr. Denton thought was the source as he skewers all of them, and had a go at Steve Jobs over a prototype phone which was left in a bar.
It all came up negative, so that was a major frown.

So I did some more searching on the billionaires connected with Silicon Valley, and started going through the lists again, and this time an affirmative was reached.

To be absolutely honest, I do not know who these oligarchs are. I could care less. They do not donate to this blog, and sit around with man tits and little dicks, thinking their shit does not stink, and if the lights went out tomorrow, their entire world would disappear. This is not Howard Hughes.

The name that triggered in this was Garrett Camp. I have no idea what a Garrett Camp is. So I started looking, as it did not ring any bells with StumbleUpon, or even Blackjet or Uber, as I am not Jeb Bush taking taxi rides.
It was though when I started looking on the Gawker site that things made a bit more sense, in apparently all that is silicon is not gold, as Blackjet, a company like Uber for the rich who fly in private jets was started by Camp and went tits up. All the liberals from Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z to Will Smith invested in it, at 2500 dollar a year membership, which made it going to the dark side a bit embarrassing in gaytown cocktail crowd circles.

It was not that failure though but this one which apparently started all of this ill will.

How StumbleUpon's Garrett Camp rolls

A tipster — tipsy? — shares this information about StumbleUpon founder and The 250 member in good standing Garrett Camp: "If you meet Camp, get his business card. Get several, if you can." Whatever for? "The cards are prized in certain SoMa circles, but not for the information printed on the front: They're ideal for rolling roaches. True, any unlaminated card can suffice, but apparently the cardboard in Camp's cards is the 'perfect consistency' for joints." If you find yourself in immediate need, Camp's office is directly above the 111 Minna art gallery in San Francisco. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em. (Photo via Technology Review)

Yes apparently Camp's business card was perfect for rolling marijuana joints. Gawker apparently sent out a mob of hash heads to terrorize Camp's office for free roach paper. All quite amusing really until it lands you in court of Hulk Hogan's cock size and it costs you 140 million dollars.

So that is about it, except it is interesting that Mr. Camp likes being photographed with ball penis hammers. That is the photo, and not what the matrix pointed to.
I think I like Camp, even if he looks like his mum left him out in the snow and his brain suffers from frostbite retardation, but from the first photo, he wears madbombers and appears to have reproduced, so who could not love a Canuck like that.

Garrett Camp - In Photos: The World's Youngest Billionaires 2015 ...


Editor's Note: The above was written before the Forbes story of Tuesday evening, outing Peter Thiel as the one behind the Gawker suits.

When reached by phone on Tuesday, Denton said that he did not know of Thiel’s involvement but had “heard that name” along with others in the speculation that surrounded Hogan’s first lawsuit.

I stand by what Inquiry was pointing to in the matrix. Logic points to the GOPliters went after Thiel because he has become a Donald Trump delegate. That is what is behind the Forbes "anonymous" sources. It is certain that the Attorney, nor his staff, nor Thiel leaked this information. Someone who wants to link Donald Trump to this and smear him pushed the Forbes story.