Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ted Cruz Negates Texas Vote At GOP Convention!!!

President Elect, Donald John Trump

Editor's Note: This column is so important in its content, that it is stand alone on this Sabbath.

As another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter.

Most of you have not yet entered the future, but it is time for you to join me at the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, Republican Convention in Cleveland, in the reality that Ted Cruz negated the Texas vote, and by this Texas will not have a voice in the convention, due to Ted Cruz.

For those of you not in the know, at Conventions, the States vote alphabetically, beginning with Alabama. I have taken the time to list the delegate count of each State for your education.

Alabama 50
Alaska 28
American Samoa 9
Arizona 58
Arkansas 40
California 172
Colorado 37
Connecticut 28
Delaware 16
District of Columbia 19
Florida 99
Georgia 76
Hawaii 19
Idaho 32
Illinois 69
Indiana 57
Iowa 30
Kansas 40
Kentucky 46
Louisiana 46
Maine 23
Maryland 38
Massachusetts 42
Michigan 59
Minnesota 38
Mississippi 40
Missouri 52
Montana 27
Nebraska 36
Nevada 30
New Hampshire 23
New Jersey 51
New Mexico 24
New York 95
North Carolina 72
North Dakota 28
Northern Marianas 9
Ohio 66
Oklahoma 43
Oregon 28
Puerto Rico 23
Pennsylvania 71
Rhode Island 19
South Carolina 50
South Dakota 29
Tennessee 58
Texas 155
US Virgin Islands 9
Utah 40
Vermont 16
Virginia 49
Washington 44
West Virginia 34
Wisconsin 42
Wyoming 29

Sometime in the above list with stolen Cruz states like Maine, Kansas and Idaho being humiliated in having to vote for Ted Cruz, when New Hampshire rolls around Donald Trump will have with the released delegates of Marco Rubio to vote for Mr. Trump around 1224 votes, 1237 needed to secure the nomination.
It is fitting that New Hampshire will have this honor, due to the fact that New Hampshire started to set right the crimes and sins of Ted Cruz vote fraud in Amanda Carpenter lynching black American, Ben Carson.

None of you probably get what this means, so I will explain in this exclusive. Conventions always give the honor of nomination to the Home State of the winning Candidate. For President Elect, Donald Trump, that would be the Empire State of New York.
What will take place sometime after New Hampshire, after States vote flipped and stolen by Cruz will be votes in abstention, or you will hear something like,

"Madam Speaker, the great State of New Jersey abstains!"

From that point on, every state will abstain to honor New York and Mr. Trump. That means John Kasich in his blackmail bid at the convention is absolutely worthless, as the Ohio votes, because they will not even be allowed to be cast in the first round. So the vote theft by Mr. Kasich in Ohio has no meaning, because Ohio will arise, and seriously, Governor Kasich will probably be the one who has to rise and abstain, being the leading delegate.

This will continue to New York which will rise with 95 delegates and say,

"Madam Speaker, the great State of New York, the Empire State, residence of the first President, George Washington and home to the 45th President of the United States casts its votes for Donald John Trump!"

The convention, as all conventions will then go insane in delight and mayhem. No one will care about some 3 votes for Ted Cruz, and all will be looking on with disdain in remembering what Cruz put the GOP through for 6 months.

...and this brings us to the reality of no one is going to give a damn what votes were stolen in Texas, because Donald Trump will be the nominee, so when Texas is forced to record its votes, it will humbly and in subdued fashion announce in a sea of joy, that they were stuck voting for Ted Cruz in the first round.

Do you get this now, in how Marco Rubio is 1000 times the men John Kasich and Ted Cruz will ever be? Do you get how Marco Rubio assessing the situation in North Dakota's delegates binding to Donald Trump in May 26th, 2016, that Marco Rubio no longer had any blackmail clout at the convention, and magnanimously turned his delegates over to vote for Donald Trump for party unity, so when that vote is tallied, there is not going to be any pissy sounding Marco Rubio votes in Minnesota or Iowa, sullying his name or the convention.

Marco Rubio has been a class act after suspending his campaign. He has been showing up in the Senate for funding on Zika Virus and for saving Puerto Rico. This last political stroke was genius, because Rubio like Senator Lindsey Graham, know how the convention operates and votes.
Marco Rubio became the MANO in this, because he beat Kasich and Cruz to the punch. Now if Cruz attempts anything, he will be a "me too". Now if Cruz tries for air time, the convention will simply say, "Sorry, we have Cuban American Marco Rubio in that prime time slot".

Ted Cruz's stolen delegates MEAN NOTHING. Now my children find that story you passed over months ago in El Dorado, the story of the Gringo who allowed the Mexican to steal his treasure, to have the Mexican carry the gold across the border for the Donald Trump saga. I could not in that story tell you what Donald Trump had planned out in this, to string this back-biting Ted Cruz along, to give the enemies of America someone to rally behind, while Donald continued on winning.......and Tedwardo Cruz was hauling Mr. Trump's delegates to Cleveland.
I could not blow this for Mr. Trump, but I did inform you, if you would have read that story as the Lame Cherry predicted exactly what was taking place before your eyes. Read the story and the doubters and mockers can eat crow. By God's Grace I predicted this and it came true.

So that is how Ted Cruz negated the entire State of Texas by stealing it from Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. If Mr. Rubio would have not had his votes stolen, then Texas would have had a complete majority to proudly vote for Donald Trump. Now Texas, might as well stay in Texas, as like Wisconsin, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Maine and whatever else Ted Cruz flipped starting with Iowa, is only going to cover them with shame in having to vote for this foreign born loser, while the rest of America votes for the winner, Donald Trump.
Yes, all those delegarchs who took bribes from Ted Cruz, can now wait it out the next 4 years for when Attorney General Chris Christie indicts them for vote fraud and treason.

Every one of you now has an insight into the future. The humiliation of states being stuck voting for Cruz, and admitting to their bribes and crimes in public by those votes, while the righteous peoples get to glorify God in votes for the victor, President Elect Donald Trump.

To go to a convention and be stuck voting for who does not matter, that is Texas and Ted Cruz's mark of shame. Marco Rubio was savvy in releasing all of his delegates to Mr. Trump, knowing that Mr. Trump would then have enough votes with Minnesota and Iowa, to win it in the first round, and not have to by-pass New York, to allow Cruz states to remind everyone of the mischief which was involved with Ted Cruz.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, revealing the future, and how Donald Trump will be awarded the nomination, with Marco Rubio helping to unite the party in a brilliant political move, and Texas will be humiliated with Rafael Ted Cruz of Alberta Canada, with sperm flow from Cuba.

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