Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump White Paper: Republican Convention Theme

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

To the winner, goes the direction of the Party. If Bernie Sanders had not had the convention stolen from him by Hillary Clinton, it would have been a reflection of Mr. Sanders, and in that the Republican Convention in Cleveland will be a reflection of Donald Trump, as the GOP Conventions were of Ronald Reagan.

As I have no right to state things, what I do is offer constructive insights as Benjamin Franklin did throughout his life for America.

My suggestion to the Trump Campaign, is that as their campaign is connected to Senator Robert Dole of Kansas  in one of Mr. Trump's advisers, that Senator Dole and his wife Elizabeth be made honorary chairs, to open the convention in Cleveland.

There is a great deal of healing and uniting which is being undertaken, and I propose a theme of wrapping Mr. Trump in Republican Presidents and Candidates from Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan. I do not in the least advocate excluding the Bush family. If Jeb's George would come and speak, then let him come and speak as he is a Republican.

I do not advocate these long 5 hour Bill Clinton type speeches, but instead I want scripted 10 minute speeches in Rocky and Bullwinkle, as Davy Crockett or Ronald Reagan, and as Donald Trump is so skilled at. Pick a historical Republican for President, give some profound quote, give a humorous punchline and then get out, before people are bored.
This is about entertainment and I would really like to see Patrick J. Buchanan have an oversight in this for the Trump Campaign.

For music, I advocate High School Bands playing John Phillips Sousa music, who in rotation could play outside for the public too in a secure area. I really do not want any of that cheesy, bar room band, ghastly horn sounds at this Convention.

The theme of the Convention and the top slot speakers are Mr. Trump's choice, but at 10 minute slots, except for the prime time speeches, one can fit in a great deal of everyone from Liz Cheney to Ronald Reagan jr and sister, Patricia, giving a tribute to their wonderful Mother, Nancy Reagan.

We bloody ourselves as Republicans, but we are united in our respect and honor for President and Mrs. Reagan. The Reagan children must be given this honor at the Republican Convention as none of us would be anything without this couple.

I want this family. I want this fun. I want it the comfort of being down home Georgia in the Trump Towers that the Trump family is so accomplished at. There is not an event which is not entertaining, educational and patriotic which Donald Trump arrives at, so have the entire convention be something that even snarling Hillary Clinton voters will be envious in they want to be invited too.

Frankly, I would like Donald Trump to make a grand gesture and invite Bill Clinton for a 10 minute speech, because that is one man who does not want to be First Gentleman, because as bad as Bill Clinton's past was and is, he is a man of political and diplomatic insights, and President Clinton invited both President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford for counsels with him. America has one devil of an Obama and Hillary mess, and at least make the offer, and show him the respect not that he deserves, but the office does, and this will transfer to Democrats who will appreciate the gesture, not in voting Republican, but afterwards in a Trump Presidency.

I believe that the above suggestions, melded into the grand theme which Donald Trump is looking for, will produce a classic American event which will never be forgotten for grandeur and touching all things which are dear to Americans.

One needs to find a Mike Deaver and Hal Riney from this point on.

The White Papers continue..........