Friday, June 3, 2016

with Libertarian and sodomy for all

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So like there is this place called Facebook, and there is this guy named Craig Redmond who reposted something in his poverty to Facebook concerning the exposure of what a leftist Gary Johnson is in the hijacked Libertarian Party, with various quotes from the post in his poverty as I am certain he would make an appropriate donation if he was not so extremely poor.

This then was replied to by a Libertarian named:

John Magrane 

Who places photos of the place which is his club house.


.....and notes about building a new home.

Thing is John Magrane called my article the dumbest thing which has been written this election cycle.

And Craig Redmond, gives that comment a thumbs up, after trying to friend me, after posting things from this blog without permission, and in his poverty, complete poverty, as I am certain he walks to the public library to be on the internet, as he has no car, no money for gas, and has to eat mac and cheese three times a day, unlike his Libertarian friend who has time to reveal what a completely uninformed, ignorant and ..........or then again, perhaps John Magrane is well informed like Gary Johnson and agrees with sodomy, destroying marriage, has no time for Jesus, wants to gut the military further, likes a world full of dope heads endangering everyone, and that Iran with nuclear warheads is something America has to be concerned about after 9 11.

The Libertarians should really learn to not antagonize me, as I fully intend to expose what complete tards they are in their leftist dogma which is right out of the Red Shirts which were implementing the same laws in Germany 1920 and brought about the National Socialist rise.

So Craig Redmond was on this blog, and it was not enough that in his abject poverty as of course he is on food stamps and life support or he would be donating appropriately as anyone who has 70 bucks a month or 840 dollars a year to splurge on Wifi would of course be donating, but he decided to repost something from here and then give a thumbs up to either a moron Libertarian or someone who thinks that all of this Obama of the last 8 years was not enough, and we simply need to amp it up a 100 times more under Gary that case, then he is an ignoramus, and like all of these "independent" types, simply afraid of a strong Caucasian male named Donald Trump.

I fully intend to expose this ilk as I did the Ron Paul tards, in their Susan Sarandon illusionary superiority. It is always the problem with these types, like the Ted Cruz bullies, in no one ever challenges them, any more than the Southern Poverty Law Center, so they go around in their secure lives, smearing people and getting the thumbs up, from people too poor to have their own internet.

The fact is, that with Gary Johnson, there will be a nuclear global war if he were President, just of a different sort. With Johnson, it will be Muslim agents detonating bombs in US cities, where with Hillary Clinton it would be a direct war with China and Russia, as Hillary wants a direct confrontation.
The end result would be the same, in an Alaskan invasion, civil riots by Jesuits and Muslim agents of Russia, and a Cuban landing.
Hillary Clinton might pull out a stalemate, but Johnson would have such political infighting that literally there would be Chinese, Russian, Jesuit and Muslim agents all seeking alliances with Moscow and Peking for the Oval Office, exactly as the Spanish were implementing in World War II for Germany.

Libertarians are a threat, because when their party was sodomized and doped up, none of them stopped it, but allowed it to be infiltrated, and now we have chairmen stripping on stage for dares and Gary Johnson  throwing guns in the trash, pissing on other members who are the few Libertarians who remain.

I will repeat the main points of the Libertarian Party:

  • Cut the military by 43%
  • Sodomy
  • Legalized narcotics
  • Removal of Christian ideology to guide the party
  • Throwing guns in the trash

The  dumbest thing which has been written this election cycle? Based on fact from Gary Johnson's own words and actions, so it is all fact.

Oh by the way, I do not have a home. I am not building a home. I do not have photos from by club house deck.  I just have ingrates who come on this site, repost things and NEVER consider that if it was not for the Lame Cherry, none of you would be posting anything, because it would have all been shut down, as all of you were too yellow to say anything in 2009, for fear of being called a racist.
By God's Grace I took it all on, and with a small group the Birther movement was formed and then we gave rise to the Tea Party, and now we gave the world Donald Trump and an internet which is has the Alt Right outflanking the Mockingbird.

I am the sapper in the wire while these keyboard patriots were all protecting their lives and still are, but with the twist now that I am the problem, because I am not validating what fools they are.

The Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson are left of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders combined. That is the reality and if you do not like the reality, then as I have told you all before, GET OFF MY SITE, because your politics will have the Obama imports not just chasing you down the streets, but passing legislation as in South Africa to confiscate all your pretty property from your white skins and turn it all over to the tan skins.

That is what is coming, and the Lame Cherry is right, as the matter anti matter exclusives are always right, just as by God's Grace I was right on Jeb Bush, image Obama, Benghazi, Ted Cruz and now what the future holds, because I live in the future, and know and see all.

Get off my site and wait in ignorance in your darkness, as I do not suffer fools and I am through protecting them.