Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Three Skunk Dope Case

stop sign in the middle of nowhere

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was contemplating today about shooting invaders with a 38 Special, because someone mentioned that. It is not that I have any problem with killing anything two legged, but it is more having to deal with the police state, as I am just too busy to have to waste time on such matters.
It used to be a world where one could proudly displace a criminal on their old oak tree, hanging from a rope, until the corpse rotted free, full food for buzzards and maggots, but now such things just get one into trouble.

In that, I was contemplating a rather year long problem in my section of nowhere, in while I was in the metro with TL, some meth dealers decided a stop sign in the middle of nowhere would be a great place for commerce as an exchange point.

With enough riff raff running over animals and dusting us on walks, I took a different approach to the drug dealing. So I reported it to the State Police, who reported it to the county police............who drove by and did not a thing about it.

So I undertook a God Inspired solution in I put a dead skunk there. Then I put another dead skunk there. Then I put another dead skunk there, and then a dead coon........raccoon, and not Negroid, to rot down.

All of which slowed things down a bit, and then I noticed this spring tracks there again in the dope dealers were back.

As I said, I have no problem shooting two legged problems nor four, but I did not care to have the police state involved as they seemed more interested in protecting the commerce at the stop sign.

So I captured a skunk a few weeks ago, which pissed on the house as that is where I caught stunk, and I carried it to the stop sign and it must have had a nice load of gland excretions left, because it has been quite strong as we walk by it.

I forgot to mention that I mentioned this in person to a city cop, who said to call the county cop.....which I could not get a hold of........but I am now thinking that enough of a wave on this in calling, along with my odoriferous last location addition, has now netted the meth vial has been removed.

This was a 3 skunk and one coon solution to a drug operation. Granted the meth dealers are not in jail and still dealing meth to some very well funded SUV drivers, including some white trash looking drivers from another state we spotted, but all the same, the skunk saved us from graduating to the summer cure of poison ivy leaves coating  the meth vial, which should have brought about interesting results, all without us being shot at by dope dealers.

The Lord brought to mind that He has always been right. Stink repulses everything, as it means disease or danger. Just put up a sulfur smell from rotten eggs to skunk, with some visuals and it is a better deterrent than a police cruiser.

When I become rich on the big donation, I figure to obtain a nice roll of police tape, some warning signs that read something like Center for Disease Control and EBOLA or RABIES or whatever.
I would assume rabid dogs BEWARE might work, as much as blood and guts certainly might send the impression to some Mexican or Muslim, that it might be better to go rape the poodle next door instead of your dead zone.

I have been thinking of radioactive contamination signs too by the DOE.

Anyway there is synthetic skunk to make things easier than a real on on your front door or garage in a real meltdown. Not a lot the cops can do in martial law if your place smells like skunk and rabid signs are up, as they would not want to deal with that any more than invaders.

So as the sun slowly sets on this blog, I am thinking I have to check the other signs a few miles from here to see where business is now active. I could care less about that, but no one pisses on my post or dopes it up, as I am ...............go put your dope on your own stop sign if you are so proud of your commerce.