Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trump White Paper: Strategic National Coal Reserve

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I start this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter with a castigation for these high paid scoundrels who put on the aura of Ronald Reagan and wear it like a second skin, and in bigotry think they are Lord God in a litmus test of what a Conservative is, when I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative, and I will never abdicate my right to not be defined by some conglomerate funded propagandist nor will I allow my children to be keyholed to policies which are a bastardization of who a Conservative is.

The purpose of these Trump White Papers, is to promote a positive interaction in suggestions for the Trump Administration when Donald Trump is President, as he takes back America and puts the American Citizen first, and never last.

There are all types of things which need to be fixed in America after this disaster of the Obama Super Depression and this Clinton Bush Cruz depredation of Americans for these beastie conglomerates.
There are always solutions to be put forward and in this, the Lame Cherry promotes the Trump White Paper on The National Coal Reserve.

What is the National Coal Reserve?

For the past 8 years, the Obama regime has made war on coal companies, coal miners, coal energy plants and the American People to their bankruptcy and ruin. Obama promised to employ the John McCain and Sarah Palin clean coal, but instead regulated coal plants out of business which tripled our electric bills, crippling all of us economically.

President Elect Donald Trump has promised to deregulate coal, and produce the environment for clean coal electric generation which will drop your electric rates and create a secure American power gird. All of this is perfect for America, but the problem in this is, the people in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and other coal states are in depression conditions now. It will require 3 to 4 years to construct and complete new clean coal power plants, and this is the crime of the Obama regime.

This Trump White Paper therefore seeks to find a solution to help these States, and the Lame Cherry submits that just as there is a National Oil Reserve, that America should begin mining for a National Coal Reserve. By doing this, States like Virginia and North Dakota would be able to begin production mining for coal, which will be purchased by the United States, and placed in several Strategic Reserve Coal Reservations in piles above ground where coal fired power plants will be built.

Purchasing this coal beforehand, will keep prices down, which means Americans will have cheap electricity. Purchasing coal, will put all of these coal miners back to work and lift these states from Obama economic depression.
Coal is a rock basically, and it will not degrade, so mining it and placing it in easy to access stockpiles is the perfect solution in which everyone wins.

  • Americans receive high paying jobs. 
  • States are once again able to pay the bills without higher taxes.
  • America is secure in her power grid from terror energy.
  • Americans have secured a stable coal power source and price in this reserve.

This is a real Theodore Roosevelt progressive Republican policy which Ronald Reagan implemented in the National Oil Reserve which started during with the Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford Administrations to protect America.

The National Coal Reserve will cost America nothing, and in price stability will deflate energy prices, while employing thousands of people in creating new jobs in coal plants, railroad, manufacturing and mining. bringing in millions more in tax revenues. It is all win win.

We can all bring positive things to help all Americans, and that is what the Lame Cherry as a Christian Conservative is about. I seek to build and not tear down as others who claim to love America are engaged in.

This is a solution which will benefit hard hit American States and prepare America for a stable future. The Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in the Trump White Paper on the Strategic National Coal Reserve.

If this requires explanation, this needs to be one of the major planks of the Trump Republican Campaign, because campaigning on this one issue in Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico,  Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee means these crucial States unite to vote for Donald Trump and all Republicans in November, which means a Republican landslide for the President Elect Donald Trump, united Republican Party.

By God's Grace, the Lame Cherry has just absolutely cemented the American victory for Donald John Trump.