Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Very Harsh Unpleasant Kind of Business Awaits

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They simply could not just let President Elect Donald Trump and Americans have one day to celebrate his primary sweep. No, they had to reveal what they really are, they had to eat the baby.

- Lame Cherry

I have not witnessed the outward manifestation yet, that President Elect Donald Trump, fully comprehends his role yet, but call attention the 100th Day, when the GOPliters, plotted and planned to have Newt Gingrich and the other fat little white boys, flwbs, endorse Mr. Trump and then pull it all ways in the collusion over this Judge LaRatza in the Trump University smear.

The fact is, this case was coordinated long ago with Hillary Clinton and Bush fam, to smear Donald Trump, exactly as the Lame Cherry first informed you that the AP colluded with Hillary Clinton in announcing she "won the nomination" the day before the last primary to suppress Bernie Sanders voters.
That is the heinous, criminal and treacherous refuse of satan's changelings we have before us.

This ilk of GOPlilters could not allow Americans one day to celebrate, to console themselves. No they had to in Hillary Clinton smash Bernie Sanders to make him pay and they had to smear President Elect Donald Trump to smear him.

This is the reality of what we face as Americans. Traitors inside America colluding with Londonstan mayors and LaRatza Judges, intent on sedition, for that is what this is, the absolute annexing of America from Kansas west and south, to be part of the Mexican Empire again, followed by the religicide of Protestant Americans and the Genocide of all Americans.

It is criminal to tamper with elections. It is treason to use the US Courts to tamper with elections. That is what just took place in America, and President Donald Trump is going to have to realize as President, that he is going to have a Justice Department unleashed which will indict, prosecute, sentence and execute thousands of these traitors on High Crimes, because their guilt is the American Holocaust.

America can not wait for the toxic civil war of Vatican Mexicans and Mecca Muslims burning our cities, raping our women and children, and slaughtering them with their own guns. America must strike first legally under President Donald Trump with the law.

This is not something which will eradicate itself, but an armed militant movement which will have to be erradicated, and when this is done, it will be your leaders, your family members, your media and your conglomerate heads who will be adorning Pennsylvania Avenue, requiring you to walk with an umbrella down it, for all the maggots raining down upon the street from the corpses  hung from the lamp posts.

If you can not see where this is coming, you will not heed the words of General Sherman who warned the Civil War would be a butchery, because that is what it will require, is legal butchery to cleanse a nation of the death sentence in it.

My greatest uneasiness is that Donald Trump, as President as Candidate will not arrive to where he must be, acquiring the tacticians he will require to carry all of this out, before it engulfs his family first, and only in that will he be rid of the questions of mercy and embrace the Ivan which dwells inside for the terrible end which will be required to save the Western Races of Peoples.

To plan for 100 Days. To distract with Bill Kristol in the fake 3rd party. To intrigue with Ted and Heidi Cruz for convention overthrow distractions, all to unleash with conspirators led by Newt Gingrich and Marco Rubio, the LaRatza Judge racism  smear, is exactly the sociopaths the world is facing in these GOPliters. They sat there grinning, plotting, manipulating Americans, all for this knife in the back, that they feel so very smug now over.

.........and yet their is more to come from these traitors.

You think about that and ponder it, whether you are Bernie Sanders voters, Donald Trump voters or voters wherever, in could you sit on something like that for months like a cat clawing at a mouse, and then at the moment you thought you could relax, they sink the fangs into your spine?

Hillary Clinton had this planned with the GOPliters and Obama to take the joy from Sanders and Trump voters, to twist the knife slowly and make them scream, and they have known about June 7th for months.

The evidence is all there. The collusion, the multiple conspirators lined up and doing all the same backstabbing on cue, with the media stoking the stories. This is psychotic, and those before you who have engaged in this, plotting the end of your lives as Americans, with death by Mexican Jesuit and Mecca Muslims, with the Mormon Mercenaries included.

I hope Mr. Trump understands the gravity of this situation. I hope Bernie Sanders would wake up to his being in the lion's jaws and his voters would understand their doom, but inside of me I feel that no one is prepared for what this American Holocaust is, and what it will require to obliterate it, before it genocides all of us, starting with the leaders.

There is a line in the John  Wayne movie, Big Jake, delivered by Maureen O'Hara, after the McCandles ranch is slaughtered and John Wayne's grandson is kidnapped for ransom, and to be slaughtered.
The Texas Rangers volunteer to go in and deliver the money and they fail to their own deaths. Maureen O'Hara delivers the line that I sincerely hope for the protection of her child that Melania Trump delivers to Donald Trump.

"This is a harsh and very unpleasant kind of business, and it is going to take a very harsh and unpleasant kind of man."

If President Elect Donald Trump does not understand that negotiations are over, and that he is still hampered by the weakness of mercy to protect his family and America, then he needs to hire 1000 very harsh and unpleasant kind of Americans to accomplish what is required.

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