Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sometimes (((())))) is a Vulva

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have come to the conclusion that the Alt Right (((Jews))), well not Ben Shapiro as he does not put the (((()))) around his Jew, in not being proud of his Jewry in solidarity, but that Ben Shapiro reminds me of something, and it finally dawned on me.

See Ben is everywhere you look. He seems to have posts about what he is doing and not voting, which no one cares, and then running out of ideas of writing, so he has to brokeback mountain other writers in explaining how Ben is not a traitor to America.

Ben Shapiro reminds me of Lindsey Lohan, well more Ben Shapiro reminds me of Lindsey Lohan's cunt. You remember cunt Lohan, appear in pictures, sticking it in the camera, in your face and always being a bigger story than the star herself. That is what Ben Shapiro is. Ben Shapiro is the cunt of the cucks. He is always just sticking himself into every story, trying hard to be the enticing story, but no one wants that nasty cunt in their face.

These cucks are are all like some recently bathed vulva, just excited by their human to be put on display for attention, when no one wants to see Ben Shapiro, as when you have seen one cunt or one cuck, you have seen them all, and they are all the same cock inhaling genital thinking all wrong for their human host, in that everyone wants them, but all they do is drip piss and bleed for a week a month, and there are 4 billion other ones around all saying the same thing.

Just like Ben Shapiro.