Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Admits She Will Bring Greater War To America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hillary Clinton's Foreign policy speech, which was instead just attacking Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton mentioned Mr. Trump over 50 times. 

The key to Hillary Clinton's reversals are she will scam Americans, she will screw Americans and she has nothing but crimes against America, she is going to bring America into further terror wars.
The last is most important, because the fraud of Obama ISIS is that what Obama Clinton have set up are 8 more damned years of Americans being butchered for cartel profits by now nuclear Muslims.

Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump on making fun of others: AND I'LL SCAM YOU

Hillary Clinton on nuclear issues: THEY SHOOT NOW MUST STUN (Going after Donald Trump as Mr. Trump has stymied the Clinton campaign.)

Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump going after Merkel, Cameron etc.. :  THEY'RE ALL SMASHED

Hillary Clinton on ISIS: I'LL BRING US WAR.

Hillary Clinton on allied war cooperation: I'LL SCREW SAM (That is Uncle Sam.)

Hillary Clinton on diplomacy: THE CRIME WHICH LOATHES THE LAW

Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump ads: WHAT CRIME WHAT A MESS.

Hillary Clinton on her deepest values: IS HE SO SMART (Donald Trump)

Hillary Clinton on what she believes:  THE BARS YOU SELL

Here is the damning hint that Hillary Clinton was somehow behind the Trump University lawsuit, and Donald Trump hints that he knows this is a set up which is coming from outside.

Hillary Clinton on the Trump University lawsuit: IT'S WHAT BROUGHT THE LAWSUIT

Donald Trump on the Trump University issue: I KNOW THAT EVIL IS LURKING

Donald Trump again on Trump University: THEY BETTER SHIFT. (Meaning those behind this set up better shift their attack.)

Mr. Trump also hints he knows who is behind the New World Order and that he is going after who really was behind 9 11 when President.

America, and Europe, you have to be aware where Hillary Clinton is suckering you into of more of the same of Obama wars, crimes and destruction of America.

Look for these reversals with David John Oates on the Rense site.

Lastly, Donald Trump on the National Anthem: WE LOVE AMERICA.

............and the woman who sings the National Anthem says in reverse: ANOTHER PERFECT MAN.

The perfect man is Donald Trump.