Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blind Putin's Bluff

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The process of teaching is making the student's mind engage in areas of examination, which can best be quoted as, "If you can not tell me what it is, then tell me what it is not".

The US Navy Weapon's Center at China Lake is in the process over the period of June in testing a magnificent GPS neutralizing device, and it's range and reach is telling.

The testing will be centered on China Lake, California—home to the Navy’s 1.1 million acre Naval Air Weapons Center in the Mojave Desert. The potentially lost signals will stretch hundreds of miles in each direction and will affect various types of GPS, reaching the furthest at higher altitudes. But the jamming will only affect aircraft above 50 feet. As you can see from the FAA map below, the jamming will almost reach the California-Oregon border at 4o,000 feet above sea level and 505 nautical miles at its greatest range.

What one is looking at in this is an area from Denver  to Minneapolis, from Fargo to Kansas  City, literally blacked out, not from EMP, but from a transmission device, and the warning reveals something else:

As AVWeb points out, Embraer Phenom 300 business jets are being told to avoid the area completely during the tests. The FAA claims that the jamming test could interfere with the business jet’s “aircraft flight stability controls.”

This device not only interferes with GPS or the ability for anything to remain in position, but it also interferes with the flight stability control of a other words, this device jams not only GPS, but flight navigation controls.

This test is in America, but instead of being concerned about what terrorists would do with this device, instead focus on the reality that the US Navy is revealing a 500 mile weapon, which is designed to alert the world the US has something operational in inventory which literally can shut down every navigation from ICBM nuclear missiles, jets, cruise weapons, tactical special forces navigation etc..

Project this out to a bay or a window over Russia, China etc... of outgoing nuclear missiles or aircraft and they would literally fall back to earth, with their nuclear payloads. Put it this way, a hypersonic missile fired at America, not going anywhere fast and dumping a nuclear payload short, really is not a weapon at all.

Project this out, in it is realized this system will have windows in it, for US forces to operate through, and an entire invasion force in first strike could operate or retaliation force could operate, with the entire opposition forces crashed.

The Russians have such abilities to negate the Aegis American cruisers as they have proven. This American system though is not one which shuts down a ship, but an entire region, and it would not be publicly manifesting if this "test" could not generate mobile, continental in coverage and has operational holes built into it, to shoot through or to operate in.

This is part of President Ronald Reagan's SDI, which the liberals like Hillary Clinton mocked as Star Wars. As this is coming on line with pulse weapons in this Obama age of global war, America has weapons 50 years beyond these primitive toys.

I personally prefer a Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders world of peaceful cooperation to this Obama Clinton threatening Eurasia for conglomerate wars, for the simple reason, how this works is someone is allowed to nuke New York as on 9 11, to drag America into another conventional war to murder her White sons, which in the end steals all those gold reserves in Moscow and Peking, in covering up more Obama Clinton crimes.

Russia and Chinese advanced weapon's systems are now blind. It would be best to not begin a war.