Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Libertarian Débauche

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I simply can not take Ron Paul as serious as the MOG's expect people to take him, because of the absolutely uninformed  statements he makes.

Speaking on MCNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, Ron Paul said “This country, we do not really have democracy. I mean, even if we were really, really super happy with the Libertarian candidate, you think they’d get into the debates? No, the debates are run by the Republicans and Democrats“.

Let me  translate that for the tards in what Ron Paul is really saying:

"I am Ron Paul. I was sent in to pretend to back Donald Trump and to keep Paultards from being hijacked by  Ted Cruz, as that is what I am paid for.
The problem is that Donald Trump was too informed of my machinations and refused to bring me into the inner halls so I could sabotage his campaign like Rick Wiley tried to do and was fired. Now I am going to be like the FLWB's the fat little white boys, led by Newt Gingrich, working for Hillary Clinton leftism, while promoting the ultra left Libertarian Debauchery.

It will require repeating as Libertarians are made up of faux intellectuals who like to be as Susan Sarandon in thinking they are superior to others, when in fact they are just more of the same legalized know like people who want to keep aborticide around, just in case they knock up the little intern down at the shop in her being drunk at the office party, so the wife does not find out.
That is all Libertarianism is now, just an ultra left extension of thee exact same Obama Clinton policies endangering Americans and the world.

Here are just a few of the positions Ron Paul's darling, Gary Johnson advocates:

He has stated he supports "slashing government spending", including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which would involve cutting Medicare and Medicaid by 43 percent 

Johnson is a strong supporter of civil liberties and received the highest score of any candidate from the American Civil Liberties Union for supporting drug decriminalization and having a pro-choice stance on abortion

Johnson endorsed same-sex marriage in 2011; he has since called for a constitutional amendment protecting equal marriage rights,and criticized Obama's position on the issue as having "thrown this question back to the states.

That is a sample of the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Sodom America. Advocating that with running a 23% consumption tax on all Americans, slashing the military for a "balanced budget" as he throws guns in garbage bins, does not make the Libertarians anything of the Right in America, but is nothing more than a cover to implement what will follow on this agenda in legalized child rape.

So for Ron Paul to promote hedonism as a political movement is disingenuous, as there is no such thing as a political movement involving rectal sex, tax dollars cutting off your testicles to make you a shemale and aborting babies so you can get away with raping some young girl. That is instead actions which used to get people hung for their crimes.

I am thankful America is no longer a democracy, a mob rule is what brought America to Obama dictatorship. The mob is always comprised  of selfish morons who think with their genitals and expect everyone else to pay for it.

Seriously, why would anyone want to have someone to the left of Hillary Clinton's sodomy and hating America on stage, all doped up? So we could listen to Gary Johnson tell us about deeper anal sex, more powerful weed and how we all need to be more like Obama? Again seriously, a doped up Jeb Bush is all Gary Johnson is, and there is not any political appeal in that high or sober.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are stooges of the left, and always have been. Both have an agenda of stopping Right wing candidates from Fred Thompson to Donald Trump. The glaring reality that Ron Paul now somehow has lost sight of, is the fact that Gary Johnson accepted liberal globalist William Weld as Vice President for GOPliter financial backing, to try to stop Donald Trump, in the same way Ron Paul was running interference for John McCain and Mitt Romney.

So if you are advocating sodomy and all the things that brought down fire and brimstone from Heaven, then simply admit it, and stop being Ron Paul hiding what world Gary Johnson and himself are advocating for, which is nothing more than debauchery of the masses to divert their attentions from the oligarchs and the conglomerates who are going to make America a permanent slave camp with Hillary Clinton at 1600 Penn Avenue.

Odd how no one ever asks Ron Paul or Gary Johnson about who they really are, and how they never admit they are to the left of Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh and if you have to be told why they are not is the same  reason Hillary, Bernie and Obama are never asked, because they are the agents employed to complete the criminalization of you and the obliteration of America.

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