Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hail Cruz, President of 2020 Neverbe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Thursday Rush cockerboy Limbaugh was feeding the fray over that Bloomberg poll which this blog proved was bogus in it has few Republicans on it, and one quarter of those polled would not be voting, to name a number of reasons this poll was a fraud against Donald Trump, and it was why it was being pushed.

I do not give Donald Trump advice as he has done well with God in this journey, but I would repeat exactly what I stated from the start of this LET TRUMP BE TRUMP.  For these GOPliters to be focused on women, Mexicans and Muslims, it means that those voting blocks, including sodomites are trending hard toward Donald Trump, and that is what this poll was an attempt to do.

Seriously, this Bloomberg poll is aimed at the Republican fundraisers, politicians and those few inside the campaign who wonder if the Boss is right all the time. This is a passive influence campaign, because the GOPliters trying to elect Hillary Clinton can not get inside Mr. Trump's mind, so they are going after those links into Mr. Trump who get to text him at will.

Do not believe that poll as it is bogus and meant to use others to steer Donald Trump to defeat. That is the reality and for cockerboy Limbaugh to be quoting it today is an absolute proof of he has not stopped working for Big Koch.

Speaking of Big Koch, the propaganda was out in Big Bro Brent Bozell, not a conservative, Big Koch, not a conservative and about 3 others who you have never heard of, held a secret cabal where they carried Ted Cruz in like Milo on a lavender chair, and told Ted that he was the inheritor of all things Conservative, and was their foreign agent come 2020, as they were working to install Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, Big Koch is conglomerate libertarian and not in the least Conservative and Brent Bozell is CIA station chief Bill Buckley's relative and that entire National Review clan has one thought, and that is to use your money to herd you to  their idea of what your life should be, because the masses are too stupid to decide things for themselves.
This fraud group assembled for Conservatives and there was not a Conservative in the midst. They might as well invited Franklin Graham in and told him he was the next pope, for all the connection they have.

You are going to have to understand the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, because what is being engaged in now for Hillary Clinton is to sow discontent within the Convention, to defeat Donald Trump in passive mind control planted stories in fraud polling.

The entire intent is to leave the RNC with one mantra in "we should have chosen Cruz". You will hear this often and you are going to be deluged with these fraud polls, fraud stories, and all of this is to get at the weak spots in the Trump campaign in the inner circle.
I know who these people are and Mr. Trump can not be swayed. The talking points which I released today, along with the Dick Morris plan for Mr. Trump is what must be the focus and not that nattering nonsense of Breitbart in Mr. Trump must hit one issue and that is it for 5 months. That will not work.

I do not have it written yet, but will hopefully later today, for publication sometime around July 3rd, and will probably have it as a stand alone in what I believe must be a key extension strategy of the Trump Doctrines, because that is what we are dealing with, are the Trump Doctrines for America.

This cartel is not going to let you go of you children, no more than satan will give up. They are running through a vast array of protocols and conditionings in a deliberate plot to repress voter turn out, and attempt to keep Donald Trump from being Donald Trump.

There is only one person who can defeat Donald Trump and that is Mr. Trump, in if he stops being Donald Trump.

As this is being featured now, that Donald Trump only did this to make his own cable news network, I can tell you that is another fabrication. I can tell you that the conversation has taken place, but it has nothing to do with business. It is Donald Trump has listened to reason, exactly as Ronald Reagan listened to Bill Casey, who set up ABC Cap Cities, and later an extension of FOX News to provide Ronald Reagan's revolution a platform.
Mr. Trump will require his own propaganda (propaganda is a positive and not a negative term) to fight for every American, and the best way to do this is a Trump media, featuring the biggest start on the planet in President Donald Trump. This will freeze out all of this other Mockingbird bad propaganda, and feed the message, unfiltered directly to the American People.
You might be surprised that Megyn Kelly might have signed onto such a future endeavor. I am not saying she will be hired, but this is Bill Casey's protocols, and in this case I am not angling for another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, but to simply make each of you aware, that you are being sucked in to the spin, because Mr. Trump is winning, and it is projecting a landslide.

What the protocols now are to make the GOP lose the Senate, in order to try and stymie the Trump reforms. This is by the conglomerates......again Big Koch, Big Mormon, Big Jew, Big Islam and Big Fag. If you are made aware of the pool you are in, it will disrupt the suction and therefore calm all of you down.

Ted Cruz is a fiction, the President of 2020 Neverbe. Donald Trump is the future and his Vice President will be bridge to first qualified female President in America.

I have decided it is Donald Trump or the end of the world. This is the last fight for President I believe I will ever be involved in. I mean to make it Donald Trump and Thy Kingdom come and not the end of the world. Mr Trump just has to be the Jehu he is.

II Kings 9:20

And the watchman told, saying, He came even unto them, and cometh not again: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously.

Now that this is all sorted out, I can go back to not spitting blood from wisdom teeth pulled.