Saturday, June 11, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

American women are always portrayed as Hosebags, from Sarah Palin to the myriad of women that Bill Clinton has raped, but there never is a term for these "Republicans for Hillary Clinton"  who are nothing but cuntvelopes for the Hamrod.

Now there is term for Paul Ryan, the Cuntvelope.

How about Bill Kristol in his criminal intrigue against Republicans as the Principled Cuntevelope?

Cuntevelope Matt Walsh, Cuntevelope, Glenn Beck and the really poetic sounding one Cuntevelope Cruz.
Cruz almost sounds like some hot Mexican porn star, who disappoints all in having sex with donkeys in Tijuana bar theater in the missionary position at the Feliz Navidad.

I do see entire genre now in Ryan leading this weekend, this CUNTS FOR CLINTON. Paul Ryan for Big Koch can have little leather pouches turned rough side out, which they can wear on their belts to show their solidarity with the MANSHE Hillary.

It is odd with so many of these principled Conservatives running the Republican party in how they get run so easy by the media. It is not  that they are weak as water, they are testicles without the testosterone.

Of course Donald Trump has a cure for Republicans, who do not know what to do with the  Cuntevelopes for Clinton and it is this:

Trump’s Advice To Panicked Republicans - Man-Up 

Incredible is it not? Telling men to stop acting like Bruce Jenner and Richard Simmons, and to start being John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. How absolutely novel in not falling apart when you are facing difficulties and allowing yourself to be exploited by you adversaries.

But wait, what is Cuntvelope Paul Ryan, the Racist against Americans going to be engaged in this weekend?

Scum Ryan To Campaign For Hillary, Trash Trump

So let us review in this the actions of American Leader Donald Trump and the Cuntveleope for Clinton, Paul Ryan:

Donald Trump tells people not be afraid like Franklin Roosevelt, to tear down the walls keeping us from our freedom like Ronald Reagan, while Paul Ryan issues an Obama Clinton talking point in more racist slurs against Americans.

Politicians are so politically correct anymore, they can’t breathe.

The people are tired of this political correctness when things are said that are totally fine. It is out of control. It is gridlock with their mouths.”

 - President Elect Donald J. Trump

Trump: When I Win, The War On Christianity Stops!

... When I Win, The War On Christianity Stops! ... Trump went on to say that the War on ... Do you think Donald Trump will win the War on Christmas and have ...

And there arises the Cuntevelope Paul Ryan, trying to shove Hillary Tampons in Mitch McConnell's mouth, along with every other American, for stating that a Mexican is a Mexican.

What is it now racist that Obama was installed as the first black in the White House? The thing everyone is so thrilled by? If it is racist to call a Mexican anchor baby a Mexican by heritage, then wipe Obama from the books, and take away Hillary Clinton as first female, as that is misgoynist of the liberal media to mention her gender.

This all begins to expand in Ryan Racism, when Ryan made this statement in trying to  trash Donald Trump on CBS:

Speaker Ryan added that “the notion that someone’s ethnicity or race effects the way they do their job is completely the opposite of what we believe.” Ryan said.

That statement by Cuntevelope Ryan is completely at odds with Justice Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, who stated that race does affect and influence her job on the High Court.

Sotomayor: Ethnicity Makes A Difference | The Daily Caller

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave a speech in ... personal experiences affect the ... his race as a reason why he can't do his job. ...

So now Paul Ryan is at odds with trashing the lesbian Justice Sotomayor who hunted with Justice Scalia as well as President Elect Donald Trump who will appoint Scalia Justices to the Supreme Court.

Paul Ryan and the rest of these litmus test racists embedded in the Conservative and Republican Party, are not Republicans or Conservatives, but they are racists and demagogues.

These Cuntevelopes for Clinton just can not get on the right panty shield of talking points. The Obama talking points come down from above in Sotomayor telling the world we need more racism, and then comes Cuntevelope Ryan judging the world that is it racist when Donald Trump notices Obama Clinton Ryan policy.

So there we have Cuntevelope Paul Ryan being Manshe Clinton's Depends this weekend in trying to install Hamrod while smearing Donald Trump again, for exactly the way Americans act, think and speak. It is past time that not only Republicans MAN UP as their Leader, President Elect Donald Trump has mandated, but for the tampons that Paul Ryan is trying to shove down Mitch McConnell's mouth, gets the application back by the box full in racist Paul Ryan's mouth.

Nuff Said

Cherryford Dictionary of Terms:

CUNTVELOPE: A low testosterone, no testicle male, who is afraid of Manshe's like Hillary Clinton.

MANSHE: A mutant female chosen not born, producing more testosterone  than cuntevelope males.

CUNTS FOR CLINTON: The Stockholm Syndrome psychotic hostage cuckservative.