Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unless a man be rewombed in Hillary Clinton.........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These cuntvelopes of Hillary Clinton, remind me of some oozing fissure out of her rectum in just how unappealing they are.
Putting it plainly, would you rather be the gnashing gnawing Mitt Romney blaming everyone for what an utter failure you are, or would you rather be smiling, energetic, renewed daily, with Donald Trump?

You can find these cuntvelopes all over the internet festering like some gonorrhea unhealed. They lie like Ted Cruz in saying Donald Trump said things he never said, or they are in bed with the Obama media like Paul Ryan in racism.

There is absolutely nothing appealing about these old fat white dudes who hate everything about Caucasians and can not get on their knees before Obama and suck hard enough.

Seriously, this Clinton Obama era has hordes of fellato males coming out of their basements while listening to Mark Levin. The interesting part in all of this is, there was this Jeb on their knees for Obama in fellatio, but it has become an obsession in performing on their knees in  cunnilingus for Hillary Clinton, the manshe.

Undercover Black Man: Racial humiliation as sexual fetish?

Racial humiliation as sexual fetish? ... I know gay white man who says he's had black men ask him to call them "n ... So black men you crave white ...

So was it the point that Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin were lining up before Obama to have Obama make them call him a Nigger, and now Bill Kristol and Matt Walsh are lining up before Hillary Clinton to call her a Bitch?

For those who think this may be some satire, ask yourself what it is that would cause someone to go into a frenzy, a fanaticism in this anti Trump group, if there was not a sexual intercourse involved.

The anti Trump have to have something they are working for, and it certainly is not principle. To be so anti Trump, that they offered up that idiot Ben Sasse to destroy himself, and he is still hacking off his own parts, to Paul Ryan giving Hillary Clinton talking points to destroy the Republican majority in the US Senate is a phenomena which reveals something much deeper which none of you have considered, and it voices back to the 17 Latin nails in Hillary Clinton's political coffin.

Did you ever consider that is what Mitt Romney is up to, in Donald Trump has a 20 plus point lead over Hillary Clinton, and what the GOPliters have seized upon is the last thing they can do, and that is to hand the Senate over to Democrats, to divide the Congress to try and stop President Donald Trump that way, in keeping his Conservative Justices off the Supreme Court.

Yes my children you are thinking small and flat world, when an entire world is on it's knees before that nasty snatch of Hillary Clinton, calling it "Mommy" like Dennis Hopper was talking to snatches in Blue Velvet.

That is the anti Trump movement, Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Matt Walsh, Dave Blount, all fat little white boys terrified of Donald Trump's is why Rubio was fixated on Donald Trump's man size, and it is why they are all on their knees before Hillary Clinton calling her lesbian vulva "Mommy" as they are begging her to crawl up there, to hide them from the American in the room.

In Christianity the desire is to be born again. With Obama and Ted Cruz it was to be birthed American to invade the womb. With this cuckservative anti Trump group though, they are all obsessed now after fellating Barack Obama's image, are now desperate to hide from their sins and crimes, and be rewombed inside Hillary Clinton as their protector.

So we have a world not of just Rush cockerboy Limbaugh racists against the New White Niggers led by Donald Trump or the misogynists of Matt Walsh. We have a deeper psycopathy of these neo cons desperately seeking to be rewombed inside Hillary Clinton.

Unless a man is rewombed again in Hillary Clinton, he can not be saved from the wrath of Donald  Trump.

Book of Cuck
2 Mitt 6:9 

Disturbingly we now have a new cult, birthed from Obama and Cruz, the Wombers.