Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Sacred and the Profane

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is just amazing, how above the screaming cauldron, one is determined to cling to The Lord Jesus Christ for dear life. How is it that the sacred and the profane are so closely connected? And is it that question reveals a fatal weakness?

I have been contemplating the Viking's question being stirred in me for the past week, as much as the past years, for God is the Being Who can not look upon sin, and yet in His Plan to create Spiritual extensions of Himself, He know satan being flawed in being full of beauty and wisdom, or full of itself, that it would become anti God, or everything God is not.

I marvel at God, because He is so far beyond my comprehension, because He has always been, and always been Life, but was so aware that something else could exist, which did not exist in sin, death and satan.

The revulsion God and normal people have to rape or other perversions, is something which creates the most symbiotic relationship of this electro chemical body housing the soul, to form an electrical drive which overpowers all reason for a surge of unleashed emotions in the most non positive expression.

Logic would dictate that a rapist or pedophile or sodomite would not engage in activities which would incarcerate them or bring them a fatal disease, and yet all reason vanishes, as the once thought entertained, becomes action to destroy the biological form.

I contemplate that reality as God is concluded, He must be connected to all. That euphoria of rape in rage, fury, compulsion being fed, and that terror and rage in the assaulted being unleashed. The changeless God knows all and with all things God is possible, and yet God does not change in entertaining the most demonic of frenzied energies.
That is what I contemplate in the Father, to Jesus the Christ as His Word, was exposed to all of this, and it did not convert God to be enticed to be a serial rapist.

This is more in depth than satan taking Christ to temptation, because this is the Angel of the Lord, slaughtering the wicked, in actual actions performed, and it is in Justice and it never became a serial murderer.

This state of the Sacred and Profane in this symbiotic expression is not a connection, but a realization that the Bible is correct that Good can not become evil and evil Good, when it is the Spiritual reality as Spirit does not and can not change one will is established in that charge, as light can not become darkness nor darkness light.

The Sacred is a warm enveloping, expanding Light of fluid overflowing. The profane is a warm, wet, filling darkness which bursts forth. One is of the heart, the other is of the genitals, and both entertain in the mind in will where one is discipline and the other license.

Darkness inside the soul resonates a like demonic frequency of chorus which resonates ever darker. Light joins to the Light of God and shines ever brighter.  Darkness, evil is an individual isolation in like sound. Light, Goodness is a joined radiance in like sound.

No one misses evil in Heaven, but everyone is empty in hell without God.

- Lame Cherry