Thursday, June 16, 2016

Please Feed The Gators

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is apparent that the Lame Cherry must address an issue, more than Disney Pedoworld, must hang signs up for Nebraskans "Do Not Feed Your Children to Alligators", because beyond the billion dollar lawsuit over this 'death by gator'.......

Oh you did not get this right......Disney has been animal rights for years. Closing off it's range lands from hunting, putting out propaganda that dangerous animals will kill you, so that means Disney is criminally responsible for a billion dollar lawsuit in reckless endangerment for this Nebraska mutton.

Any way, for the rest of the mutton out there, here are some facts, because it needs saying in the Mockingbird media was shocked that the little boys body, "was intact".
Such ignorance is just Darwin.

Ok, I will explain things to you in alligators and crocodiles.

First alligators and crocodiles do not have teeth to bite or grind, like you do and other mammals in slicing off pieces of meat.

An alligator and crocodile kills in this manner.

They lurk motionless and then make a fast dash on their prey. In this case a  year old going Disney because his Nebraska parents had no idea that a large dangerous predator which only eats meat, would eat their 2 year old meat steak child.

The gator latches onto the prey with it's spike teeth, and drags the prey under the water to drown to end the struggle. The under the water part is important as it is their cache, because as I explained a gator only has spike teeth to hold. This predator needs to drag it's prey under water, so it rots slowly.

This will take several days, at which point the gator then visits the cache, bites a leg, shakes it or rolls, tearing it from the torso, and then the gator swallow the limb.
This is repeated in limbs and head, and finally if the morsel is small enough, the 2 year old is swallowed in his trunk of the body.

That is why the 2 year old meat steak from Nebraska was intact. Anyone with intelligence knew this, but this was Disney, the media and Florida wildlife which stopped trapping a generation ago, which then set off a plague of raccoon distemper and rabies which spread across America like wildfire. Of course none of them would know that alligators have to eat rotten food, and that all of these huge gators are eating pets, bambi, calves, sheep, birds, and yes they are starting to eat people, as that is what gators do.

It is of interest in the American alligator in La Salle's time did have reports in Texas of eating people, but with the advent of Christianity and American firearms, these dangerous predators were taught to lurk, and almost went extinct as they should have in market hunting.
These gators need to be hunted down to extinction levels, because as of the 1960's they were rare, and within 20 years they were huntable again, and now they are a dangerous plauge like wolves, mountain lions and coyotes across America.

I simply have compassion on the deer and dogs, which get eaten needlessly. People I could care less about, as if you believe Disney, you believe image Obama in banning guns will stop Muslims from going Gayocide in Orlando sodom bars.

image Obama is a predator, Muslims are predators and alligators are predators.

Crocodiles do a great service in Africa in eating Negroids, but then most of the Negroids have wells now, so the crocs do not dispense with enough of that billion plus fodder in the Nile. It is ok in this, as the Negroid is a fatalist in believing they will die by destiny, so they do not protect themselves. They are not like Nebraskans in Disney brainwashing, but all the same those Nebraskans should not be signing over waivers to Disney for a free vacation as this is PAYDAY in a billion dollars in court for reckless endangerment.

Asia has the saltwater crocodiles, who really are aggressive and murderous to people. All of these reptilians should be put in extinct mode, but like Muslims and sodomites the caring public will keep them around, be assaulted by them and murdered, and the world will be more primitive without the more advanced Caucasian race which has immune to Disney propaganda.

That should complete the lesson in this. Do not feed your childen to gators, but if you are a leftist, please visit Disney, and all of you take a nice swim in the pond, perhaps tossing raw chicken to the gators. It will save you from being shot by Muslims and be more green friendly as your corpse will nourish the dangerous predators in the pond, instead of the Clinton Obama Sanders campaigns.

I have no sympathy for stupid people. It is a fact that parents who expose themselves to Pedoworld Disney and are not bright enough not to feed their children to alligators, that these are Clinton Obama voters, and this gator grub would have grown up to vote for some transsexual pervert, more odd than Ben Sasse.

The gator saved the world, but now it is time to kill, kill, kill by regime mandate, not personal choice, all of these dangerous predators, four legged and two, as when they get through at the sodom bars and Disney ponds, they will be out in our backyards thinking they can murder Christians too.

Nuff Said