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The Best Civilization Navigation Handbook

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For those who are interested in not getting lost, because honestly, the wilderness is not something most of us are going to be lost in, but in civilization, the German National Socialist branch of the German military actually has a very well versed book, which can be obtained in PDF for download, in pointing out the common sense of how to find out which direction is which.

Most people never comprehend  that roads or buildings always are aligned to the four points of a compass.

For those who do not want to download SS literature, I provide a mundane excerpt which will assist you when a boy scout is not around.

 How To Find North According To The Sun, Knowing The Approximate Time

The sun stands at

6 A.M. in the east

9 A.M. in the southeast

12 noon in the south

3 P.M. in the southwest

6 P.M. in the west

9 P.M. in the northwest
If you already know the direction of north, then this method can instead be used to determine the time without a watch or clock.

How To Find North According To The Sun With The Help Of A Clock
It is possible to use a watch or clock as a compass. You hold the clock so that the short hand of the  clock  points  in  the  direction  of  the  sun.  South  is  then  in  the  direction,  to  be  precise,  of  an imaginary line exactly between the short hand of the clock and the number 12 on the clock's face.

In  the  morning  this  is  calculated  forwards  (as  compared  with  the  hour  numbers),  while  in  the afternoon this is done backwards
Finding North, By Finding South, According To The Sun With The Help Of A Clock

How To Find North At Night
Navigation by night using the stars and the moon is not at all impossible.
The Pole Star always appears in the north. You find it by imagining a line extended from the two rear stars of the Great Bear constellation, about five times longer than the distance between these two stars

Finding North (The Pole Star) At Night
The Evening Star appears shortly after dusk in the west.
The Morning Star appears shortly before dawn in the
How To Find North According To The Position Of The Moon

The full moon always stands opposite the sun.

The (waxing) half moon, first quarter, stands where the sun was six hours earlier.

The (waning) half moon, last quarter, stands where the sun will be after six hours.
It then follows that:

The full moon stands at 6 P.M. in the east.

The (waxing) half moon, first quarter, stands at 6 P.M. in the south.

The (waning) half moon, last quarter, stands at midnight in the east.

How To Find The General Direction Of North By Other Means

The  west  side  of  anything  is  usually  the  wind  side.  It  is  moss  covered,  and  more
weathered than other sides.

The towers of old churches are usually at the west side, while the altar is in the east.

Vineyards are located on the south or southwest slopes of gentle hills.

Triangulation points usually have a cross marked with the 4 cardinal points.

How To Determine The Four Cardinal Points With The Help Of The Map

First  Method:  If  you  can  see  roads, rivers,  or  railway  lines  from  your  position,  then  rotate  the map  until  the  direction  of  those  features  on  the  map  correspond  with  what  you  see  in  the  real terrain. The top edge of the map now points to the north.
Second Method: First locate a known, if possible a quite distant point that you can identify quite easily  and  correctly  (for  instance,  a  church  tower).  Then  locate  this  point  on  the  map.  Connect this point with  your own position on the map with a pencil or  a ruler. Rotate the map until this connecting  line  on  the  map  can  be  extended  into  an  imagined  line  connecting  with  the  distant point in the terrain. The upper edge of the map now points to the north.