Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Great Cruz Hope

Gary Johnson

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In the #NeverTrump snarling porch dwellers, I would honestly laugh at Bill Kristol and the Bald Eagle named French in 3rd party and the Libertarian Party led by the great Cruz hope, Gary Johnson and William Weld, if not for the fact, this group makes Bernie Sanders communism seem rational.

David French

Yes all the disgruntled brainwashed Cruz voters were told to just wait around as they were to vote 3rd party or Libertarian, so let us look at Gary Johnson, but first we will examine his Libertarian Vice President in William Weld.

For those who do not know what a William Weld is, Weld is a Massachusetts liberal, who tried running for President before, but the Republicans threw him out. He looks like a pink nipple on a too well used prostitute.


William Weld

Gary Johnson though is the focus in this as he began his Presidential run by throwing a gift from a fellow libertarian into the trash. The gift happened to be a replica of George Washington's personal firearm and was bestowed to show that fidelity remained in the Libertarian party.
After aghast Libertarian members witnessed Johnson throwing the pistol away, Austin Petersen got his gun back out of the trash.

So let us see what the Libertarians are offering the Cruz boogers.

First up, the Libertarians swung hard in 2012 for dope use, a real Obama issue.

Second up, the Libertarians swung even harder for sodomy, another Obama issue.

Third up, Gary Johnson threw away a gun......another Obama issue.

Fourth up, Johnson said he does not bother to weigh what Jesus advocates for policies....another Obama issue.

If you are getting the drift in this, you are looking at the Libertarians not as Libertarians or Liberals, but as the License Party. Literally Gary Johnson  is LEFT of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden..........hell throw in the wacko Green and Communist party, and Gary Johnson is still left of them.
Literally with Gary Johnson and William Weld, there has to be an extension added to the left wing, as nothing exists as far left, since the Benjaminites were sodomizing concubines to death, when every man in Israel "did according to what he thought good".

I am stunned by all of this, as frankly I was always more Libertarian, as many people were from Tom Selleck to Kurt Russell, but this loonery which is now the Libertarian Party is so unAmerican, that it belongs in the jungles of Cuba or Venezuela.

If you still think Gary Johnson is a great idea to #NeverTrump, there is always his idea to cut the military defense of America by 43%....and that is after Obama has been cutting the Army off at the knees.

In his campaign for the Libertarian Party nomination, he stated he opposed foreign wars and pledged to cut the military budget by 43 percent in his first term as president. He would cut the military's overseas bases, uniformed and civilian personnel, research and development, intelligence, and nuclear weapons programs. He has stated that he does not believe Iran is a military threat.

It is one thing to make nations defend themselves or pay for United States security, but an entirely different matter to disarm America and not promote advanced weapons systems to keep ahead of the Eurasian hordes numbering over 3 billion now.

So the alternative to Donald Trump is Bill Kristol with his Renegade Jew Party, a promotion for CIA National Review with the Bald Eagle or Gary Johnson who is so left wing, he makes Obama, Clinton, Sanders and Biden look like reasonable communists.

I am going to explain something in this as too many of you will require this.

Society, Civilization, Culture requires boundaries to protect Citizens from themselves, or numbers of people will destroy themselves in indulging in self destructive misbehavior. One can not have a place where the responsibility is to produce children for an inheritor generation, if the breeders are all doped up or pervert sexed up, indulging instead of being productive.
There is a vast difference between liberty and license. There is a difference to responsibility and indulgence. There has been too much of this self absorbed degenerate sin which the world has been suckered by. No one has the right to be born to sit on a couch, expecting others to serve them. No Citizen has the right to kill themselves or kill their culture, because it is what they choose.

Liberty is the freedom to not harm yourself or harm others, but what David French and Gary Johnson are, are harmful to themselves and to others, and that means national genocide.

I firmly believe the Libertarian party, like religion, like all groups has been hijacked deliberately by the cartel to promote more degenerate misbehavior to genocide America. There is nothing more real in what the #NeverTrump group is, in the Libertarian who stripped to his underwear on stage as a dare, simply because he was at liberty to do it, because none of these morons ever like Cruz supporters ever consider the consequences.

The alternative to Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton Socio Conglomeratism, Bernie Sanders Marxism, David French Jewocracy or Gary Johnson's Uber Left which is pure anarchy, beyond even what the Green and Communist fringe advocate.

I would laugh honestly, but this is troubling that America is a place where so much CIA is available to Balkanize America, that these creatures who rose from the bottom scum in names like Mao, Stalin, Pol, Khomeini, are now heading political parties, and being advocated by mainstream media shills owned by the billionaire fags.

This is not #NeverTrump, but instead what history proves in #NationalGenocide as these leftist policies from the Obamacons, Neocons, ConCons and Con hucksters are dates with more 9 11's, Pearl Harbors, Civil War and World War, as leftism is a weakness, and for the Clinton and Sanders voters in their superior mindsets care to look, Gary Johnson is where you are and where the cartel is dragging you to, as Obama implemented a fraction of what David French wants in war and a fraction of what Gary Johnson wants in degeneracy.

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