Monday, June 6, 2016

Ode to a Democratic Party

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From the perspective of political war, someone like myself should be gleeful in watching the open civil war now erupting in the Democratic Party with blacks, whites, browns, women, men, sexual degenerates, Sanders, Clinton all in a circle firing WMD's at each other, as this would be seen as "good" for "our side".

I do not witness this as something good on our side. No more than that quasi intellectual for Gary Johnson and the libertarians being a neo leftist and refuse the facts, and instead trying to insult this blog and myself, as he hides in his little sodomite enclave.

Cornel West slams Bill Clinton: 'Too much arrogance, too much vindictiveness'...

Sanders defiant, refuses to quit, ignores party leaders...

Brother slams Hillary: 'What she's done is really despicable'...

All of us on the right have just been through what is erupting with the Democrats, due to Bush fam, and the machinations of Ted Cruz. It was a horrid thing which we experienced in numbers of people were wounded and still are. There is a difference though for most of the people in the right, in they have Jesus in their lives to fall back on to begin a healing process, once we leave the vitriol apart from us.

The leftist has none of that. All they have is the con job they hide in, in being more caring, more intelligent, more sincere......more lies about their potty time does not stink like every other person's toilet time.

There is not going to be a fix in this for leftists, because Hillary Clinton cheated. The left put up with Obama cheating in Afroidness, but that account is bone dry for Mrs. Clinton as liberals have been making excuses for the Clintons from the good olde rape days of the 1990's.

The Sanders movement is a movement. It is a people who will show up by the tens of thousands at the DNC and cause a revolt, because like in Chicago 1968, the Party is police state and will not be challenged.

All of that adds up to the gasoline being thrown on this fire by image Obama, who wants a legacy, which will not be protected by Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, so the Obama intrigue is being unleashed like the IRS on Conservatives, but this time Justice on Mrs. Clinton and having funded Bernie Sanders as a throw away candidate to neutralize that wing of the party which believes in jobs, not being debt slaves and peaceful America.

I will repeat that in Sanders voters believe in jobs, not being in debt and being at peace.The same things Trump voters believe in, and that is why image Obama and Clinton can not have the Sanders voters around because Obama is nothing but slave labor, massive debt to control the Citizen and perpetual war for profit.

Bernie Sanders nor his supporters are throw away voters.

I am distressed about the rhetoric from the Sanders camp, in Donald Trump is not the enemy, when Hillary Clinton is. The Republican elite hate Donald Trump the way the Democratic elite hate Bernie Sanders and his voters. That is the main miscalculation for Bernie Sanders in he is so laser focused, that he does not see the fellow travelers who want to listen to him, because he is  being bitten by Mrs. Clinton and is in pain biting at the right hand trying to feed him.

I have made no mistake that I like Cornell West politically. I like Tavis Smiley too. We disagree on issues, but I never doubt that they intend good for America, and that is something I doubt with certainty when it comes to the Obama regime.
I  know that the Clinton 45 presidency would mirror Bill Clinton, in another bust and bubble creation so a mid segment would be rewarded for a fiction of prosperity. That would exclude blacks again, as it did myself and most of Americans in the 1990's.
Bernie Sanders would raise more in Obama record taxes, destroying Americans like myself, and try and give things away to Americans, but where is anyone asking Bernie Sanders, including Cornell West, "What good is a free education in America for liberal kids, when Obama is importing foreign slave workers for those jobs at Facebook, and robots are going to have the rest of those jobs.

That is what Bernie Sanders needs to be debated on, by leftist intellectuals like Tavis Smiley, so that this all gets ironed out for America, but instead what is taking place is the WMD circular firing squad on the left.

None of that was good when it was Bush fam and Ted Cruz on the right smearing Donald Trump, but the Republicans have been busy cleaning house of the royals, but the left's system is so corrupted that the queen can not be removed whether her name is Pelosi,  Reid, Obama or Clinton.

I will repeat again that Webster Griffin Tarpley in his paradigm of the Democratic party was to shatter it, to two ruling parties in a Sanders communist and a Clinton socialist. That is taking place by criminal subterfuge. What kind of choice is that though for Democrats in peacekins Sanders voters being beat up as Bernie tries to give them free things, as Hillary's perpetual hounds of war do the beating and confiscate all they have for regime programs to foreigners?
That does not sound like a political movement, but a snake eating it's own tail.

I have compassion for the Democrats in what they are about to be raped by politically, with a drawing and a quartering. This is 1968 again, where the kids in the street are fed up with being war fodder and the Democratic party elite are demanding the kids enjoy dying in Vietnam. Obama Clinton have made wars, but the war is inside America now in racial and economic war on Democrats, and Obama like Clinton is telling people in slave debt how great they have it and they just need to pile on some more debt as they get blamed like Caucasian Christian America, for not be caring enough as the problem.

The problem though is this socio conglomerate rule in the left as much as the right. Democrats now are a party of Wall Street which sucks money from the Obama regime, and has Mark Zuckerberg spying on everyone while employing terrorists to make sure those Sanders voters are monitored.
The fact is John F. Kennedy could not be elected to the Democratic Party today, because he is too much like Donald Trump in being too good looking, too wealthy, to vocal and too much wanting to make America great.

People on the left are going to be hurt, just like people on the left have been mowed down by the Obama regime in Chicago for 7 years in mass  murder of blacks. Sanders voters can not stand down, because if they do, they will be genocided by Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton can not stand down or she is going to end up in prison by the Sanders tenure. For that matter, image Obama has to destroy both Sanders and Clinton or that entire regime is going to end up in prison.
So that is the Democratic Party and it is a 3rd world assassinfest, which the Republicans are trying to free themselves from in Donald Trump, and I personally am saddened at what Democrats are going to be put through in this assault and torture, because all are  plotting against the other's demise.

The Democratic Party of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord is summed up best by the Sanders voters do not want to be debt slaves any longer, the Clinton voters do not want to lose their privileges as the powerful elite and the image Obama regime wants to keep Sanders voters as slaves and Clinton voters under threat of prosecution, so Joe Biden can be in the White House to keep the Obama regime out of prison.

- Lame Cherry