Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Freedom to Hate

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ignorant people allowed to address subjects are a part of life, but the problem is, there is so little Inspired thought prevailing, that all one receives is the dunce report thousands of times a day.

There is this Christian now who was an imam, and of course the message is more Mockingbird pedophile propaganda in demanding Muslims stop talking about the Rainbow Alphabet of LGBT, and that this incited violence in Orlando Florida, when it has been proven by the Lame Cherry that this was Gay on Gay violence and not primarily a Muslim attack on sodomites.

The Left in America has so polluted though by policing it, that no one states what Freedom of Speech is, as it has become license to be perverted.

Here is a quote:

Freedom of Speech.

That includes hate speech, stupid speech, any speech…as well as the Freedom of Religion.

This hater and hate speech is ridiculous as a charge, because people have the right to HATE. God hates sin with righteous indignation, so hate is a productive path to a moral life, when one hates evil, for that is the beginning of Wisdom of the Lord.

Stupid speech, is all one finds in the Twitter and Facebook natterings.........any speech is anything boring or brilliant and Freedom to Worship God is indeed protected.

The Lame Cherry is going to solve all of this now in what is not protected, even though the left has made it protected and the right succumbed to it in being pansies.

No one has the right to threaten people, to incite others to go and initiate violence against others. We are not talking about crying because someone says Michelle Obama has a big ass. We all know that this is about telling someone to burn someone's house down or to beat them to death or to rape their children.

There is a difference in posting to someone in saying, "I hope your kids get raped like the rapist you just let out of jail" or "I hope you die like the person you ran over". That is not a threat, in an incitement for others to do something.
It is simply crude discourse and that is a part of life from a praire dog village to an ape in the jungle.

You can not yell FIRE in a crowded building as the stampede will get people harmed. That is inciting violence.

You can though in Donald Trump tell his supporters to defend themselves against obnoxious trolls sent there to disrupt events or attack them.

No one has the right to instigate physical harm on another. You do not have the right to smear or slander people with known lies. You do have the right to call Hillary Clinton a son of a bitch, even though she is somewhat a female and her Mum was probably a lovely person not acquainted with a female dog.

Free speech in a Church, a synagogue, mosque, a coven, a yoga position, does not include sedition or the overthrow of the established Constitution for Sharia, Talmud or anything else. Free speech does not include telling Muslims to go out and shoot queers or thrown them off buildings, but it does include stating that God will destroy them as He did in Sodom.

That is the problem in Obamamerica, in sin has now been legalized. Societal laws are in place to protect the purpose of society to reproduce and protect the homes to raise those children to inherit the world the old people who worked and fought for it can die in peace in it.
There is no historical right for gays to fuck and party off the labors of others. You have to reproduce, you have to protect the structure for the children to be stable, so the old people who produced all of this can have a blessed end.

No one has the right to be selfish in ignoring the responsibilities of society, because those upholding societal laws are working themselves to death and dying in wars in the ultimate sacrafice.

That is the reality in this, and requires stating because nothing but dimwit commentary is now available.

Your rights end where another person's rights begin in their person. You can not steal thing from them and the left has been stealing far too much in smearing reputations, earnings and lives, and now the same leftists are in charge of the right.

That is though what this is all about in confusing people who think that license is legal, just because the violent and the base think this is their domain, when it is all moral people's domain.

Muslims should be filling up gay bars, ten to one in sodomites, to project a superior message if they have one, otherwise they have proven all they are is another dogma using violence to infringe on other people, exactly what militant queerdom is.

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