Monday, June 6, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is for my own records to ponder if I have time as it dovetails  into theories posted here about growing clothes. It has to do with a material named Rectorite which surrounds quartz crystals from a specific mine at the Jeffery Quarry in Arkansas.

I would that I had time to delve into this to evolve this.

Many pieces of the Solution Quartz crystals have golden yellow to greenish balls of Cookite on them. In addition, Charles showed me a bucket full of Rectorite, which I had never heard of. Here is how Charles describes Rectorite:
"Now this Jeffrey Quarry Quartz grows in this "Rectorite" named after a lawyer that lived in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is a jelly when in the rock fractures. The quartz grows in this jelly and that is why every crystal is double terminated, unless it grew on the sandstone. Now when you dig the quartz out of the fractures, the rectorite hits the air and turns to what is called "Mountain Leather". It's some neat stuff and is a clay mineral. It is flexible just like leather. If you look at it close, you will usually see small double terminated quartz crystals.

It truly is possible to get earth forces to manufacture more than crude oil and diamonds.