Monday, June 6, 2016

The American Left

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dogma is a condition of victorious ideologies smearing the political movement which they have vanquished, incorrectly in very case, in order to paint it in the worst possible light.

As I type this, I was just smeared by a libertarian moron on Facebook who is ignorant of the fact that the Libertarian Party is not in the least an alternative to Donald Trump in the American Right, but was in fact hijacked under Gary Johnson to become the pro active far left in America, beyond the Socio Conglomerates of image Obama, Hillary Clinton, and beyond the social communism of Bernie Sanders.
In fact, the Libertarian Party in advocating sodomy in the destruction of marriage, which will lead to legalized pedophilia as this blog alone has been warning, with destroying the US military, removal of Christian values, throwing guns in the trash, advocating socialism is acceptable as long as it is not mandatory, and legalized narcotics, is beyond the extremes of Barack Hussein Obama in the protocols of destroying the American society. Libertarianism has been hijacked by leftists, and in all honesty it is in the same fringe group now as Anarchists.

As the Lame Cherry was the first to list political movements in right and left order, in order to neutralize the propaganda that a Nazi is "right wing", when that movement is National Socialism, in socialists are all left wing, this matter anti matter is in the process of again listing the American left, so as to educate the ignorant public and those Mockingbird propagandists who are brainwashing the moronic masses.

Neocons/ Democratic Socialists (Paul Ryan)
Democratic Party (Diane Feinstein)
Black Mooselum (Louis Farrakhan)
Baathism (Keith Ellison)
Socio Conglomeratists (Hillary Clinton)
Socialists (Bernie Sanders)
Greens (Jill Stein)
Marxists (John Petersen)
Black Lives Matter (Opal Tometi)
Neo Jesuit (Joaquin Castro)
Communists (John Bachtell)
Neo Feudalism (Barack Obama)
Libertarians (Gary Johnson)
Anarchists (Noam Chomsky)

The fact is, that except of the Constitution Party and the Donald Trump Republican Party, there are absolutely no right wing parties operating in America any longer. They are all leftists.

One must understand the above list for nuance, for in the nuance is the ranking. Literally all of the above seek to disrupt the power structure in order to exploit it for it's own political power.

It all begins with the NeoCon, which is  a New Communist, taking on certain right wing fundamentals in order to exploit them for their own power, as in the Libertarian.
For example, gun ownership is provided in order to keep the masses deluded into thinking they are able to defend themselves against the state, as the state criminalizes them and murders them.
This degrades then into the Democratic type which disarms the public and hides behind no pretense as it is full leftism.

The Black Mooselum has characteristics of the right wing monarchy in being a central police state, but having one strong man leader, in charge of an organized community to empower the central authority, being armed, but existing off the mob.
From the central authority begins the Muslim militancy of infiltration of the democratic principles to install the central state.

The Socio Conglomeratist is the largest group, and is feudalism by community board, seeking to manipulate regime infrastructure to exploit the masses for welfare or imported slavery.

This then degrades to the Socialists and Greens, a basic group which seeks to siphon funding from production in order to bribe the masses with gifts which forever enslave them.

The Marxist then is the next level whereby the union organized united workers, become the central power state, of gaining control of the production sector confiscating the wealth for the structure, making it the front for the dictatorship.

If one examines the Black Live Matter, this is the Black Revolution, based upon the Vatican model of the Latin Revolution, which again are simple hierarchical structure of centralized authority. The Negroid branch has always been the most secular controlled by the regime while the Latin branch was under the control of the Jesuit black robes of the Vatican. The process is organizing the Peon or the Nigger, to control them, exploit them and neutralize them for the central authority.

The communist is the true degeneration of the the fiction of the NeoCon to Marxist, as it is a community organized to exploit the same prototype of the elite, protected by the police state, terrifying the masses.

The structures which follow are what are the Libertarian or the license of all is immorally correct, so in the anarchy, yes the Anarchists, the mob is terrifying the mob, and the central authority maintains absolute control.
The Neo Libertarian now hijacked has moved to the left of the Neo Feudalism by amplifying that structured destruction to chaotic destruction.

As the above classifications make the novice's head swim, it must be realized that all of the left wing structures are designed on the same deception of the mob being cared for or empowered, so they are under the leash of a police state, puppet front leaders, all for the shadows of the aristocratic internationalists lords and priests to progress the agenda of Nimrod.

All of the left is funded to fracture the right wing competitors of the cartel, in being the antithesis of normalcy, anti Christian, anti Republicanism, anti Right. It is why the right has been infiltrated to degenerate it to compliance, guilt and surrender to it's own genocide.

Of course once this Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive again permeates the thought patterns, it will define the reality of the political structure and it will become the murmurings again of the always experts, too weak to admit a popular girl has set the paradigm in order again as they have been saved from their perpetual ignorance.

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