Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Response to Jan Gilhooly

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Politico in joining with the anti Trump colluders is attempting to trash a uniformed Secret Service Agent, who released a tell all book about his experiences with the Clintons, in stating it could never have happened, and that uniformed officers can be mocked as primates akin to monkeys.

Operationally, one who has the working knowledge of how things are done there would realize that certain of those statements do not coincide with the operational plan,” said Jan Gilhooly, AFAUSSS president and a 29-year Secret Service veteran.
The group’s statement, which POLITICO obtained in advance of its release, very carefully calls Byrne a liar.
“One must question the veracity and content of any book which implies that its author played such an integral part of so many [claimed] incidents. Any critique of management by one who has never managed personnel or programs resounds hollow. Additionally, why would an employee wait in excess of ten years after terminating his employment with the Service to make his allegations public?” it reads.

There is a problem though in Jan Gilhooly's propaganda, because it has been repeatedly shown that the Secret Service is filled with criminals who conspire in cover ups against the American People.

Report: Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin Abuse Secret Service ...

... says Hillary Clinton and her long-time aide Huma Abedin were detested by the Secret Service. ... Report: Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin Abuse Secret Service Agents.
There are actual emails by Huma Abedin on Hillary's private server,  discussing their trained Secret Service agent who let them slip out without security, and how hard it would be to train another agent.
That reality blows Jan Gilhooly's propaganda out of the water, because that was the reality in the Secret Service was aiding Mrs. Clinton to cover up her whereabouts.
Need anyone require reminding of more Secret Service endeavors?

Colombia Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Spreads to the ...

A month after the Secret Service was rocked by allegations that agents brought prostitutes to a Colombia hotel where they were preparing for a visit by ...
There were numerous rumors in the Clinton White House, that Bill Clinton often slipped out at night, from the White House, and this fits into the Human Abedin email proof as much as the degenerate nature of these agents under Barack Hussein Obama.

Jan Gilhooly is protecting a group of high paid individuals, who apparently make it a practice.

Laura and George Bush recorded, President Bush giving the Secret Service the slip in a surprise trip to Iraq. When Mrs. Bush phoned the Secret Service to ask where George was on the plane, the Texas group had no idea, and told her that he was still on the ranch.

So it is bogus of this Jan Gilhooly and Politico to put out a story that Bill Clinton, could not order his protection to stand down, and leave a uniformed officer outside his door, when he was getting blow jobs or riding Eleanor Mondale in the Oval Office or family quarters.

This entire smear anyone who talks, started with Bill and Hillary Clinton trying to destroy anyone who informed the world of what was going on. Larry Nichols was the inside thumper of the Clintons and knew it all, and told all, and when he did the Clintons tried to destroy him too.

Larry Nichols: I Was A Hitman For Bill And Hillary Clinton ...

Larry Nichols: I Was A Hitman For Bill And Hillary Clinton. Excuse us, FBI, would you care to take this man up on his confession? ... © 2016 Copyright Truth And Action.

Whenever you catch a Jan Gilhooly lying, Politico lying, because the proof was typed confirming all this by Huma Abedin's fingers, it means the Secret Service officer who had given him so much semen stained towels, that it is a wonder that Bill Clinton did not die of dehydration, the Secret Service officer story now takes on absolute credibility.

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