Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump White Paper: Human Right Amendment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this continuing series of suggested Trump Administration White Paper, it is hoped to examine and educate people beyond being keyholed in right or left political movements and unite them to a correct political movement, for politics is nothing more than people in discussion agreeing in majority governance and minority rights not being infringed upon, for the best for everyone in not trampling on any person's rights.

The Lame Cherry is a futurist. It is what I always have been, and always will be, for what we face tomorrow in problems requires thought on how to rectify the situation today.

All of us now exist in a world which is moving from industrialized machines to industrialized robotics. What was a welcome life extending harness of energy in engines, electricity and motors, has now become a world where the very things to make all of us live healthier and longer, is now been priced so expensive that we are enslaved by the debt.

Each of us has heard the minimum wage battle of businesses wanting cheap labor and labor wanting to live comfortably and not existing from paycheck to paycheck, with it now set at 15 dollars an hour, with Kentucky Fried Chicken replacing people with robots.

This is the Catch 22 in this, but it also is the HUMAN RIGHT AMENDMENT, for the reality is, if Jesus does not return, that we could have a culture where robots build and rebuild themselves, and humans being fed, clothed, protected, would have to find other artistic or creative expressions to occupy their times to validate themselves.
This could also be a construct where humans are charged and enslaved for this care, and as is the process now, being discarded by the conglomerates for profit.

Money or currency though has absolutely no purpose, if it is not a representation of work completed and rewarded for work.

Robots have no purpose of currency and neither would a conglomerate, because the Kentucky Fried Chicken Catch 22 is, they have food, but if no one is employed to earn that money to buy chicken, then the chickens are not raised, and KFC does not sell food, as robots do not buy food, and KFC goes bankrupt.

That is why the Lame Cherry advocates a Human Right Amendment. The world is for humans, and not the humans for the world, conglomerates or robots.

I will explain in a company or corporation has a responsibilty to the Citizens or nation which protects it. No company gets a free ride in gaining profits and paying a part in taxes. There is more to this than commerce. There is the responsibility of all of us to each other for the good of all. Not a communist state, but a neighborhood where a corporation is responsible as Henry Ford was in paying a wage so the employees could buy a Ford vehicle.

When a corporation decides it is going to employ robots, then that corporation is going to have to be mandated to be responsible for those humans it unemployed. Understand this in you will hear the corporate whining of business is not in the business of employing people, but yet the Citizen is mandated by law to protect those businesses by being forced to die in wars to protect Coca Cola or Microsoft.
That is a very uneven match in the human has it's life ended in war or poverty, and the corporation claims that it is not responsible for the human protecting the company.

With the current state of robotics in everything driven up by inflation, there is not a reality that industrial robotics have cheapened consumer prices, but have no driven them up, and people are not being employed for those jobs. Corporations still make record profits, but do not have the mandates of retirement and insurance. Once again, the corporation is not paying that what it should.

There must be a Constitutional provision of the Machine Wage, which is based upon horsepower. For each increase in production from robotics and a displaced human, that company is going to have to pay, not a tax, but into a direct payment to people who are not working.

This is necessary, because in 50 years as this advances, the world is going to be a place where robots will build robots in a complete process, that is beyond corporate profits, as there will not be any way to measure such things, as work will cease as robots increase, and therefore the wage situation will be non existant in this arena.
If regulated correctly, food, shelter, electricity will be a right like air and water, simply provided for by robots, who charge nothing and pay nothing.

What is war, but machines and bombs. Put robots engaged into this, remove all profits, and war becomes obsolete, and humans will be forced to having food and raiment, being content.
It will be a democracy, because people who create things will have honors and acclaims, as money will be no longer the reward, because the daily bread will be provided by this robotic colony serving humanity.

That though is the future, and this Human Right Amendment is a necessary need in the present, that as robotics replace humans, those conglomerates will have to pay for the care of those humans they are discarding, as discarding people is a criminal act.

The cry will be that they can not do this. Yes they can, exactly as they chose expensive robotics to increase production in auto plants, and now we have automobiles 30 times more expensive than when they were built in assembly lines with humans doing the work.

Humanity is not expendable. The 1% have their luxury, but that does not mean the 99% are born as a waste product to exploit and genocide.

This is the basis of this Trump White Paper in the call for a progressive way to protect humanity from advancement in being expendable. Donald Trump has spoken of his care for people in being concerned of these issues, and the reality is no corporation is forced to take American's money or protection in being inside these United States. If they do not like the rules, then let KFC migrate to Pyongyang where perhaps they can engage in commerce there.