Saturday, June 4, 2016

Slaves Did Not Build The White House

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There is nothing more deceptive than a liberal twisting a fact into a fallacy.

- Lame Cherry

A subject keeps appearing which is bastardizing history, and it is compounded when a revolutionary Afroid in Michelle Robinson Obama begins promoting the propaganda.

It has to do with a jump from slaves were in quarries and mud pits, with Government funds paid their owners for the work done, to "slaves built the White House", as directly lied about by Mrs. Obama in one of the worst bastardizations in history.


Michelle Obama no more waked up in a house built by slaves than she ever woke up with a husband who was a legitimate Black American.

The fact is that the Negroid slave was barely one step above any of the other African primates. They had absolutely no skills, and it was a rare individual who could be trained to cook.
President George Washington was frustrated by the ineptness of the slaves, who in part were loyal like hogs, in eating a great deal while in the pen, but no appreciable work could be gained from them.

The word is WRIGHT, as much as SMITH, which are common English names, but they meant highly skilled craftsmen. There were not power tools, and nails were made one at a time. Tools were something an apprentice required years to acquire the skills to be a master.

If one reviews the actual work history, one finds that the rough work in the quarries was carried out by slaves, as that is all they were good for. Using common sense in this, if you had slaves who could be masons, carpenters, wrights and smiths, you would have them in shops making you a fortune. The reason no slaves ever were entered into such businesses, is because their skills were of the lowest level and only reached that when a White master craftsman had taught them to swing a hammer and hold a stone drill bit.

"There was a labor shortage. According to the White House Historical Association, the commissioners planning the building of the new District of Columbia originally planned to import workers from Europe. But when recruitment failed to meet their needs, they turned to slave owners, who would hire out small groups of slaves to earn money. The slaves were involved not only in cutting logs and removing stumps for construction of the new buildings and streets in D.C... Black quarrymen, sawyers, brick makers, and carpenters fashioned raw materials into the products used to erect the White House" reports the Historical Association..."

Yes if you read the actual quote, you understand it to mean RAW MATERIALS were trees, mud and rock, roughed out to materials which Caucasian craftsmen and apprentices would then build the White House with.

The above fiction of Michelle Obama and other propaganda history revisionists, might as well say that slaves sewed the first flag by Betsy Ross, because they picked the cotton in Georgia. That is ridiculous and exposes how utterly profane Michelle Obama is in not being intelligent enough to comprehend the historical reality.
It is dishonest and degrading of Mrs. Obama to join in, in creating the New White Nigger, in rewriting history shaming Americans who are White, and deliberately expunging them from the record, for a false story promoting a class of property who if in Africa would have been eaten by crocodiles, because they were so fatalist and shiftless they would not build a pen in the river to keep themselves safe while bringing in water.

Official clarification of who built the White House is from the official White House organization site which Mrs. Obama and her type should actually read or have explained to them.

Stonemason Collen Williamson trained enslaved people on the spot at the government's quarry at Aquia, Virginia. Enslaved people quarried and cut the rough stone that was later dressed and laid by Scottish masons to erect the walls of the President's House. The slaves joined a work force that included local white laborers and artisans from Maryland and Virginia, as well as immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and other European nations. 

To put this into mind which most of you will comprehend, if a slave was sacking up flour at a mill, and that flour is delivered to a French chef, and your wedding cake was baked, would you say a slave decorated your wedding cake? Of course not, but this is  what the reality is. The slaves did the felling of trees to cutting rock into stone slabs, which were then finished into woodwork and stones by fine craftsmen.

I will provide a direct example of this in how a stone in the White House came to be.

In the quarry, a team of blacks, or a black slave holding a drill bit, would have another worker with a sledge hammer pound on that bit. Every strike the drill would be moved a quarter turn, until a hole was created in the stone.
Another worker would then scribe a line with a chisel along the face of the rock.
Then a series of metal L wedges would be inserted into the holes, and larger wedge would be driven between the L wedges. This was carefully done in a series of holes, to gradually cause the rock to separate at this seam, to create a rough stone.

This rough stone was then rough finished at the quarry with chisels, or moved to the location to be finished further, until the final work was done by the Scottish mason on site.

The final fitting was extremely detailed work, as the seams not only had to be straight, but had to be so exact to be waterproof, as water freezing and thawing would crack the stone.

It does not matter if it was a brick fireplace being laid with plumb lines, wood trim being planed, stones being fitted, all of this was rocket science to the Negroid, as none of them had the skills or understanding to comprehend this artwork which to this day requires years of apprenticeship to acquire the skills for.

So did slaves light fires in the White House to dry the plaster under White supervision? Yes they did, like hauling in wood, as that is what they were qualified for. It all comes to the reality that slaves no more built the White House than Michelle Obama could ever be identified with telling the Truth.

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