Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Sociopaths of the Regime

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In reviewing all of the Oregon regimes emails and texts about the murder of LaVoy Finicum, it struck me, that there was absolutely no concern for law enforcement nor of LaVoy Finicum.

There was not any "I hope everyone is safe" or "I wonder how the officers will feel who shot him". It is instead a self absorbed interaction, which was no more emotional than discussing a brand of coffee.

The above is from Heidi Moawad, who works for Governor Brown of Oregon, and the only thing she seems intimate in is calling FBI Special Agent Gregory Bretzing by his first name Greg all the time. Perhaps that has to do with him kicking her out of a meeting, so she likes a guy who wears wife beaters, but it is a rather sociopathic interaction which this entire Oregon regime of democrats interacts as.
I mean they endlessly forward emails to everyone, and then reply to them all, but not once was there any concern. In fact, there was more space to passing around inflammatory articles to incite violence against the Patriots, than in anyone not acting like their college educations improved their dim bulb status.

That is  the closing assessment in why the murder in Oregon took place. The only people who cared about anything were LaVoy Finicum and his group, while the rest of those entrusted to serve the public were exhibiting what sociopaths they were.

What was most interesting was the exchange about the 18 year old girl, Victoria Sharp's testimony in how it would be disproved by the released drone footage. That was not the case, as everything Victoria Sharp said in interviews was confirmed by the drone footage. It makes one wonder if the Oregon regime was watching Madam Secretary on CBS, instead of the footage the FBI released.

RE: I told them we were not participating.
RE: Just notified that they are locking down the refuge at 4a
HM: FBI is?
Locking down meaning cutting off access (as opposed to going in)?
RE: Yes. We are involved.
Moving very quickly now. Sounds like want to get locked down before any
 others show up. Only 8 or so there now

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