Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Terminal Madness

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TL two days ago posted a series of rants by two unbalanced people on Facebook which made absolutely no sense, and if you are a Trump supporter, you have noted numerous incidents from rallies to your online posts which are from people you thought you knew, but are no simply bizarre.

I found this recent one on Right Wing News by the seemingly off balance Dave Blount.

Political speech is protected speech, and yet this Blount is joined by a host of people who are reaching for straws and appear to need tin foil hats.

The last part about tin foil hats might not be quite off the story, because in inquiry, I did find that there is a low frequency signal, akin to what elephants communicate with over long distances being pitched at people to agitate them.
Call it the satan frequency, because that is what it is, and this is a reverse polar agitation than what was turned on for Obama voters to make them euphoric in 2008. This pitch though makes people angry and seemingly mad, to a terminal state as reason simply vanishes.
This satan frequency is like a groove. The more it triggers, the more it wears into the soul or emotion pattern, and yes demons do exploit it. There is no cure for it, as it requires an exorcism, but like all possession it simply produces a window or a plug in that demons can exploit all the more later.
It would require a national exorcism, and is why the Drudge Report keeps promoting those headlines, because evil has been unleashed and those in the cartel do have devices they are using to manipulate masses of people who are prone to this octave.

Here is an example from a John Fund rant at National Review.

I am waiting for election night and afterwards, so I can hear Donald Trump howl about the election being stolen. I can see it clearly now. Him and his supporters will throw out dark conspiracy theories and accusations of betrayal.
How the traitorous corporate elites, Wall Street, & "international bankers" (code for Jews) joined up with the Communists, jihadists, Chinese, & Mexicans to deny "real Americans" a voice. Probably result in a new wave of violence by "white nationalist" & "Christian Identity" militias, separatists, Klansmen, & skinheads.

Yes an avatar named Elvis, as a comic book character, laying in the stolen election cover. My reason for including this, is proof that the MOG's watch this blog closely, as Donald Trump has NEVER once questioned the polling numbers, and that work was originated and proven only here.

What we have is bizarre mix of hired regime minders posting conditioning responses and other MOG's posting ridiculous stories meant to herd the masses. This is coordinated on many levels, as National Review and others were the propaganda producers to focus on these fraud polls. NR had a host of trolls monitoring Fund's propaganda, trying to shout down others who posted facts.

This is terminal madness and is defined on the following:

America is in an Obama Super Depression going on 8 years.

America is bankrupted to 20 trillion in debt and over 100 trillion in cash crash monetary funds.

America is being invaded by Jesuits and Latins for the American genocide.

World War IV is being staged against Russia for the scorched earth of Europe and America

95 million Americans are out of work.

Americans are debt enslaved.

In all of that, the demon possessed public in America  is focused not on criminal Hillary Clinton, but the worst person in the world is Donald Trump.

For the reality, the main reason Donald Trump is being targeted is, because a President Trump is going to have the keys to investigation in all of this looting of the Treasury and that investigation will uncover the funding from Homeland directed to National Review, who is on salary in treason against America, and the final key in this, how susceptible Americans are being manipulated by Facebook, the media, and these low pitch frequencies, causing them to be mad men, which is a criminal assault on populations.

Americans as much of the world, has a satanic condition. It is compounded by the technology available to condition minds and wills, in the exact form of the appealing temptations the devil puts into people. The fury and the rage against Donald Trump astounds most people, as it makes absolutely no sense, until one understands how this is a faceted attack on people, and how doors can be opened to condition people to desire a national suicide.

Think of it in John Fund's revelation, as the title of his article did reveal the Truth.

Yes it is FEAR. This is not an ordinary madness, but a terminal madness, as a cat scratching and clawing a fireman who is trying to rescue it from a burning house, and the cat jumps down and runs back into the inferno.
You my children can see the American and European genocide, and in natural intelligence recoil from it to vote for Donald Trump. The possessed group of the terminal madness, instead seek to harm Mr. Trump, rant and rave in the most insane ways,  take paychecks for it, produce propaganda for it, and rush into this burning altar of satan, screaming, "Death is life, death is life!!!"

With or without the election of President Donald Trump, America has an immense problem now in a group of criminally possessed lunatics. If a national exorcism were produced, the Bible states that demons go off and recover from being expelled, and in time return back with demons who are worse, so the last state of that wretch is worse than they are now, like the addict or homosexual.
If this was simply suicide America has enough means for this group to kill themselves, as the same protocols are being unleashed on White people to murder themselves in these Obama years. The problem is, this ilk is focused on national genocide. They want all of you dead and it never occurs to them that they will be dead too.

This is why a President Trump is going to have to appoint a series of individuals who are going to access all of what is taking place, and "fix" it in putting these people out of their misery or possession, without alerting the public to put these rabid souls out of their misery, as they will only degrade to worse soul mutations of darkness, to endanger the sane group which is left.

If not, like Canaan in the Bible, it will reproduce an infected race which will be a soul cancer on all humanity in the terminal madness which it is.

If Mr. Trump is not elected, then what follows is going to be an asylum murdering itself from within and being invaded from without, which the Bible states will only be cured in Christ's return in having most of humanity obliterated from the face of the earth.

It is going to come down to President Donald Trump working with President Vladimir Putin working together to arrest the condition of this terminal madness engulfing the world for the anti Christ forces.

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