Tuesday, June 14, 2016

There must be something wrong with me

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Richard and Stephanie asked awhile back how that broken wisdom tooth was doing, as in if I had mustered the sand to have it pulled. I wanted to wait until it was removed which happened about 3:30 today to talk about it, as I get so many satan tools sending bad prayers, I didn't want to have things pissed up.

There must be something wrong with me, as I still am spitting blood, but that is not the wrong part, as I think I like having my teeth pulled. Probably why I have that genetic flaw in I like pain and thrive on torture. Odd thing is I have more problems waiting to get things done than having them done.

My dentist is the shit. She is about as big as a key hole, and we actually do more bullshitting than dentist stuff.

So I got the full head scan........and no brains were found in the cranium.

I did get to see all my great identifying marks on teeth though..........and I swear no one looks good from their dental x rays.

Lot's of damn Mexicans there too. I guess all of the taxpayers are giving bambino the full treatment. Mine was 330 bucks, so I suppose the dental industry cleans up on beaner teeth. Must be a good business too as in Mexico you get a rock and stick to remove teeth.

I don't know if Mexicans have to sign papers........I did. I could go to jail I think or pay the bill, as I am home spitting blood and eating advil like candy............doc said I could pop 3 at a time for 4 times a day. I can't say this is pain though as I enjoy it.

So the dentist comes in, talks about pressure and I figure she is putting on some jaw clamps and other horror equipment like last time, and about the 3rd time she says, "It's out".

Sure I prayed and the Holy Angels do things, but I swear she had that tooth out in 30 seconds. I am still stunned.......almost asked if she wanted to pull some more.

Only real orders were to not do any heavy kissing. No shit, that was the orders I got. Told you I have a good dentist.

That was my day, and I wanted to thank those who gave pointers in teaching dentists to do the work and those who asked. I just was putting things off, in I had to wait until the heavy jobs were done around here.......not that they are done, but it is not like I am going out and pulling calves out tonight or tomorrow.

I probably should go rest. I have a tooth that I need fixed as satan was busy with all those bad prayers.....think it might have cracked from the last tooth that was pulled 4 years ago. No big deal or lawsuit on that as my head would have probably fallen off if that other tooth was not pulled, so shit happens in life and what can be wrong in a world that I think I actually like having teeth pulled.

Is a good thing to know mind you. I mean God forbid I get into some gulag, and they start torturing me again,  I will just say in my monotone voice, "Oh please, no, no, not pulling out my teeth as I just could not take that."

Any way that was me saying I needed to go rest for a bit. I think I will practice my pleading to not be tortured in pulling my teeth out.....as I like it, I really do.