Sunday, July 3, 2016

1776 to 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

July 4th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

As the Lord's Christ noted almost 2000 years ago, unless a seed die in the ground, it will not live. The Lame Cherry though confronts the reality that is this the last celebration for American liberty or the wake for eulogy of the American epitaph.

Is America to be born on July 4th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord from this once hallowed American ground by Donald Trump or is this American ground to become our perpetual Obama grave of globalists.

That is not a question, but the thought of Benjamin Franklin's contemplation at Philadelphia in is the sun rising upon America or is the sun set upon America.

I am reminded of the words of John Quincy Adams, Ambassador, President, Congressman, speaking on July 4th, 1821, an issue of the Founders still dripping with the sap of liberty, filling the bud to flower a crop which led America to the 21st century.

Long before the Declaration of Independence, the great mass of the people of America and of the people of Britain had become total strangers to each other. The people of America were known to the people of Britain only by the transactions of trade

What can be more of a Truth on this July of 2016 in the American People have not just become strangers to the Washington DC regime, but every State regime, who has no idea what the People are, except to spy upon them, criminalize them and legally murder them.

Americans have once again in July 2016 District of Columbia joined the July of 1776 London England, in being alienated from the regime in control and bewildered as to what happened to the happy matrimony they once were in bliss with in their Government.

Once again there is a foreign invasion of America. In 1776, it was Hessians sent by a King to murder Americans. In 2016, it is Muslims and Mexicans by regals named Obama, Clinton, Ryan and Cruz to the genocide of Americans again.

America was founded upon the protest of taxation without representation, the America at her floundering is now without protest for taxation with misrepresentation.

Look upon yourselves, each of you, for as you remember the faces of your Founders in Washington, Franklin, Adams, Clarke, Lee, Hancock and Jefferson, look to your reflection and behold it, as you witness the Corpse of no more Americas, when July 4th will be another date like all the rest of the 365 days, as the Christian Thanksgivings, Christmases and Easters become Ramadan and All Idols Day.

View the last of your race for that is what this day shrouds. Will the day come a miracle of resurrection or will that day never come.

Shall any man hold his life more precious than responsible liberty, he is already held in the bonds of his own genocide.

I look now over this horizon serene, and wonder what the storm will be. Will it be the tempest of another regime annihilating a race under it's police state as livestock in the pen or will it be a storm of another regime whose clouds shower the blood of the People in a contest only God knows the outcome of in men dying as Patriots.

It is always the times which try men's souls. Is their life so worthless under the regime, that they would gladly sacrifice their blood to finally be set free of this world to liberty under God in Heaven or is the trial that convincing whisper of keeping that crimson flow in the veins, waiting one more day to allow the regime not of the People, not by the People and not for the People to accomplish what King George could not find the sword to accomplish.

To be a stranger in a strange land is so much stranger to be made a stranger in the land of one's birth.  To be censored, spied upon and placed upon lists as an enemy of these United States for espousing the sacred words of Bible, Declaration and Constitution, and await for the day that this keyboard is deemed more dangerous than a war, for my end, is the day I was not led to, but the day which I had no other choice to in life, liberty and honor, took the step upon a journey where there is not any return.

It is a common sense. It is a common sense. It is a common sense, now not common, but sensed by all which some embrace their own national suicide and others recoil from it.

We the People, no longer have a Promised Land, but a Promissory Land, and our lives will be the payment demanded, whether given or taken. We would hold these truths self evident if they were beheld.

It is evident that in the triplet of America struggling from the natal fluid that her bards were present, risen up in Jefferson of 1776, Scott Key of 1851 and of present the Cherry of 2016, each having a revolution to provide word for, but is it christening or dirge.

We are now estranged from each other. The American Race and this other mongrelization. Let us at least be as honest as 1776 and be aware as then that two competing races will never occupy the same land.

It is an easy thing to be a summertime American, and easier to die an American in her fall, but easiest of all be put down an American in the wintertime of patriotism.

The ease of it all though is those mistaken as Americans will perish as readily as those who are American.

- Lame Cherry
July 4, 2016 in the year of our Lord