Friday, July 8, 2016

Modus Operandi Hillary Clinton

FBI Director Comey could not find Hillary Clinton's intent in the above
 The Murder of Chris Stevens in association with EMAILGATE

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What the Lame Cherry is engaged in explaining is........let us just be frank in this and cut the bullshit in these Comey definitions of "intent" like all Clinton things in definitions of "is". FBI Director James Comey for his own reasons chose to protect a powerful, corrupt and lethal politician in Hillary Clinton, because the cartel which backs her initiated this response from the Director.
This is not about definitions nor other grande schemes we are being told to soothe ourselves with like John Roberts on Obamacare, Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz on Obamatrade or Anthony Kennedy on dirt dick sex.

This instead is on the legalities of Hillary Clinton and law enforcement when they come knocking on your door.

First the Lame Cherry asks all of you, in all of your police television you have watched since Joe Friday on Dragnet, in what is the term which has been drilled into your heads.

If you need a reminder it is of course Intent and Operation.

You remember that right? No you do not because the criminal investigatory terminology is MANNER and OPERATION.

This is the Latin Modus Operandi. 

Modus operandi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A modus operandi is someone's habits of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations. It is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as ...

There is a difference between someones manneror habit in doing something and intending to do something, and that is why the legal definition is never about intent, until the white collar criminals become involved in this the rich get millions of dollars and the poor get hundreds of dicks shoved up their asses in prison.

Habit or manner, means a double set of evidences of repeated actions. That is where guilt is associated with and why it is the LEGAL DEFINITION in law enforcement, because it is the duality of action which proves guilt, because no one on God's green earth or satan's scorched wastes that anyone, but God knows what any person's intentions really were.

All of this is the same Mockingbird brainwashing terminology like fetus instead of baby, homophobia instead of sin, and now it is in the Comey Clinton era, intent instead of criminal habit.

This is where Hillary Clinton is condemned, because Modus Operandi reveals her habit, and this is wed to "opportunity" which points to her crimes.

Mrs. Clinton had access to State Department communications. She was not some novice in this, as she was well aware of investigations from her own problems during the Clinton co presidency in the 1990's, and realized early that she needed to repeat the 1990's money laundering which Gore and Clinton engaged in to gain moneys for her presidential run, and to use those donations to the Clinton Foundation to buy influence with voting blocks, and this all rested upon powerful and rich people gaining access to the Obama regime through Mrs. Clinton's office as Secretary of State in order to gain the ends to their projects.

There are two examples of this in Syria and LaVoy Finicum. Syria was about a quid pro quo in which Muslim nations could dump their terrorists into the West through Libya and Syria, in exchange for the oil revenues laundered through Turkey to various political parties as Mrs. Clintons democratic party.
ISIS never existed. ISIS instead was nothing but an oil piracy operation and the revenues were used as Saddam  Hussein's oil revenues were to pay bribes to corrupt politicians in the West.

LaVoy Finicum was murdered, because the American West is a vast reserve of mineral resources for future clean nuclear energy. Oregon has uranium and thorium. The Clinton Foundation had Russian and Bill Gates donors interested in these over 52 trillion dollars in wealth, and for this LaVoy Finicum was shot, because this cartel could not allow Americans to keep their own resources to become competitors.

By his admission, Director Comey could not see habit in this operation of Mrs. Clinton, nor her opportunity, or in cutting the bullshit, he could, so this had to be nuanced to what Mrs. Clinton intended to do.

Everyone is aware that Hillary Clinton engage an internet technician to build a server, with absolutely not any firewalls, for the purpose of providing a portol into the US government's entire network of computers with classified documents.
Once again, this is not about emails, but email is the cover, because what correctly was the definition is, IS THAT HILLARY CLINTON'S SERVER WAS THE BIGGEST TROJAN VIRUS IN WORLD HISTORY. Understand this in there are anti virus programs and programs to detect hackers, but when an entire server is operating a Trojan, and activity in that server is recognized as secure, the rest of the network recognizes it as safe.

The issue which has been deliberately not mentioned in this is, why was there an NSA stand down on Mrs. Clinton's server in the activity on it, as the main Romanian hacker has stated that he was bumping into numerous hackers on that server gathering intelligence and this becomes the next step of direct access to the US government computers by passing all the firewalls there.
That type of traffic anywhere near a government official has both the NSA and FBI red flags going on, and yet we know that all of this only surfaced by the Obama regime planting the story, in order to blackmail Mrs. Clinton into keeping the Obama folks around.

We are certain now that Loretta Lynch will be on the Supreme Court and James Comey will head Homeland Security, in this operation. So literally, the first regime to blackmail "president" Hillary Clinton was the Obama regime and the two chief law enforcement officers in America, in Loretta Lynch and James Comey.

This background though is not what this article is about, it is about Modus Operandi which is the legal criminal definition and NEVER intent, until white collar criminals appear before their police state and their judges, who then dismiss all charges which has Edward Snowden marked for assassination.

Let us consider Edward Snowden in this. Did he intend to become a criminal by his actions? There is no evidence of this, and in fact his remorse in this proves he is innocent as his intent was never to break the law, become a hunted man or be a fugitive in Russia.

So when Hillary Clinton's intent has her jetting around with image Obama illegally on a tax paid illegal political junket, then certainly Edward Snowden deserves his own rides on Air Force One with image Obama vouching for him too.

Legalities are always about the habit of the criminal and the opportunity to commit the crime being investigated. It is never about intent. Hillary Clinton has proven her habit is to evade government scrutiny and then to use the police state to exonerate her crimes which she is habitually in, as she does take every opportunity available to engage in any type of crime imagineable.

The fact is Mrs. Clinton's crimes in EMAILGATE make her an accessory to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and one American in Oregon, and according to Jeff Rense, the reaon all the Americans were not murdered in Libya that evening by Obama terrorists is the fact that Col. Khadaffi's militia stepped in and saved the Americans.

This then concludes this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter concerning the crimes of Hillary Clinton in setting the record straight as it is being deliberately skewed from the legal facts. This is about MODUS OPERANDI and OPPORTUNITY and is never about intent, as intent can never be proven, but habit for crime and the opportunity to engage in that crime is what criminal prosecution is all about, and for the record, Mrs. Clinton is guilty on over 100 counts in legal definition.

We now return you to the Director of FIB, James Comey, as we can all be assured he never intended to have these legalities be realized, as another reality of why is the Lame Cherry now the only legal expert in America on criminal law?


Again FBI Director Comey could not discover Hillary Clinton's intent here either
The Murder of Col. Khadaffi in association with EMAILGATE