Friday, July 29, 2016

Debra Messing: More Shit For Brains

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is something I do not care about, but it mirrors all the shit for brains in the Hillary Clinton convention who could not see Obama plagiarizing Donald Trump jr, Hillary Clinton plagiarizing Donald Trump sr., and the entire DNC delegates plagiarizing the Republicans with the USA try and shut up Bernie supporters screaming NO MORE WAR.

It is this that a shit for brains, old washed up actress......not not Hillary, but Debra Shelton started ranting at Blake Shelton.....and I  have no idea who the hell this crooner is, nor what a Gwen Stefani is, is I do not do no talent performers, for Shelton saying Donald Trump was not afraid to speak his mind.

To this Messing went nutso with this:

“Omg. How? @gwenstefani please talk to your man to not vote for the person who will strip you of your rights,” Messing wrote in a now-deleted tweet, obtained by Entertainment Weekly.

Strip you of your rights? How the hell is Donald Trump going to strip Blake Shelton of his rights?

Donald Trump has never said a word about Shelton putting the wood to Blake Lively...........sorry that is another asstard, married to another asstard Chevy Chase no talent type, who is often mistaken for another asstard named Channing Tatum whose wife sort of looks like Blake Shelton......or Blake Lively.

These tards really have shit for brains with a turd topping in Debra Messing as they have lost reality. So was Debra Messing saying that Blake Shelton likes dicks up his ass and Republicans were for normal people?
Did Messing out Shelton as a fag ass?

Or is Blake Shelton a transsexual in he really has a uterus, so if Guido Stephens gets him knocked up, does that mean Messing is warning Shelton he can not have an abortion?

Or worse yet, is Blake Shelton an ass raping Muslim Mexican with a machete hacking up German fraus on the tube train, and Messing is horrified that Blake Shelton will have to pretend to be White to stay in America and be forced to only have normal sex with this Stefani woman?

See how all this is shit for brains in Hillary voters just fucking rant shit in being phobic of Caucasians. None of it makes any sense, because Donald Trump can not take any person's rights away, and that GOP treachery in Congress has been up Obama's ass for Wall Street thee entire time too.

I do honestly hope for the day that all of this leftist insanity which is Hollywood gets trapped in that state in a meltdown and then she can get the Muslim treatment like all the women do from the associates of Birther Obama and Hamrod Clinton.

Let's face it though in the reality is, Debra Messing has been begging her entire life for a Donald Trump to tell her to get him a beer and bark like a dog, as that is what Messing has wet dreams about, like all of  these Trump haters.
She is coward in she apologizes to Blake Lively or Shelton and then cowardly deletes the tweet, in being embarrassed about being an asstard. Nom des Dieu, as least Susan Sarandon tells Hillary to shove it, and puts a leash on the Nigs at the baracades, as that woman has balls. You just have to admire a ball buster like that who cut of Tim Robbins nuts and nailed them to the wall.
Messing on the other hand is just another talking vagina, who Donald Trump and all other real men who have cocks never want to have a conversation with.

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